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Three Trees Traders


Guildmaster, Jan Hrustraad


Alignment: Neutral Good.
Status: A moderate sized Rjurik guild that brings order and prosperity without abandoning Erik.


The Three Trees Traders is one of a handful of true trading guilds in the Rjurik lands. An alliance of a seven or so wealthy urban Rjurik, the Three Trees manages much trade along the Taelshore. The Traders' presence actually helps maintain some semblance of order in the more wilder Rjurik domains, and many foreign traders have begun to take notice.


Three Trees members select a leader every five years. The current leader and the leader for the past two decades is Guildmaster Jan Hrustraad. A canny merchant from Skapa Hjarring who has largely turned his back on most primitive Rjurik traditions, Jan seeks to bring his people into the modern world through trade and diplomacy without embracing the excesses of other modernizers.


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Domain Table: Three Trees Traders
Udvika, Stjordvik (1/4)Dj (1)GS (1)JH (1)-
Namverg, Stjordvik (2/3)Br (1)GS (2)JH (2)-
Leivika, Svinik (4/3)Hr (4)GB (3)JH (2)-
GS (1)Hr (2)
Bjarnheim, Svinik(4/3)Hr (1)GS (2)SH (1)-
Ra (1)JH (1)
Hvarliik, Svinik (1/4)Dv (1)GB (1)JH (1)-
Hoekstraad (1/6)HS (1)GS (1)JH (1)-
Tjarvaald (1/6)AD (1)-JH (1)-
Abbreviations: AD=Andros Drakkenviir; Hr=Hruthvar Ansgarsson (Svinik); HS=Haelrya SivardaanDv=Djarvim Jørgensson; Ra=Ragnar Bjørnsson; Br=Brand Fyrisson; Dj=Djursund Njalgrimsson; GB=Günther Brandt (Oaken Grove of Erik); GS=Gretta Seligsdotter (Emerald Spiral); JH=Jan Hrustraad (Three Trees Traders); SH=Storm Holtson (Stjordvik Traders).

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