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Three Brothers Mages


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The Three Brothers Mages are successors to the wizard, Hyperion, and his holdings in Coeranys. From there, the Brothers look east toward their Khinasi homeland, at Chimaeron, Baruk-Azhik, and the Harrowmarsh for expansion.

[top]The Land


The Coeranian wizard, Meliodas Raniel known as Hyperion, believed that the independence of his domain was threatened by its small size. Though he had always been friendly with the barons of Coeranys, it was inevitable that at some point in the future, desperate times would require that the wizard of Hyperion swear fealty to prevent its destruction.
Meliodas decided that the best chance for the domain was to invest his best and most ambitious apprentice, the forceful yet pragmatic Meganno al Hamam has his heir. Upon Meliodas' death other apprentices and scions of Raniel appeared to claim the mantle of Hyperion from Meganno. The designated heir fought off his rivals and made peace with the Raniel family. He then brought his brothers to join him as co-regents. Leaving the politics and rivalries of Anuire to others, the domain, now called the Three Brothers Mages, turned its attention to expansion eastward.
The Brothers used periods of the Chimaera's madness to seize the source holdings first of Mhowe then Hamein. The Chimaera seeks to defeat the Brothers as a superior wizard. In the past she has begun elaborate, arcane plots to cast them out, only to fall into a period of madness and return desiring some other plot against the brothers, and abandoning her prior labors. The Brothers wonder how much father they can push the Chimaera before she undertakes any means to make war on the Brothers.
Meganno's younger brother, Avicerra al Hamam, has journeyed to Rivenrock to open talks with the thanes of Baruk-Azhik in hopes of winning their approval to tap the sources in the Iron Peaks. The dwarves are suspicious of outsiders, slow to make decisions, and wary of involving their lands, even just its Mebhaighl, in a war with the Chimaera.


The three brothers cooperate in their co-regency of their domain. Each has carved out a role for themselves in the domain. Meganno al Hamam, the eldest, acts as executive, deciding when the brothers meet and what they discuss. His brothers have a great respect for him. He on the other hand, balances their different approaches to action. He is an enchanter.
Avicerra al Hamam is the middle brother, and is cautious and opposes the rash actions his younger brother proposes. To him is given the diplomacy of the domain. He speaks for the Brothers in the courts of nearby domains. He is a talented master of divination.
The youngest, Rassan al Hamam is aggressive and driving, some would even say rash. He is the fire that keeps his brothers from being too cautious. He proposes many ideas and projects. When he can persuade Meganno that they are achievable, the Brothers go forward. Apprenticed as an illusionist, Rassan has since become a proficient at pyromancy.
Beyond the internal workings of the domain, the Three Brothers Mages maintain good relations with Coeranys, Baruk-Azhik, the Second Swamp Mage and the Life and Protection of Avanalae. They are somewhat friendly to William Moergen and his legitimist claims as duke of Osoerde, the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn, The Fortress, the Royal Guild of Baruk-Azhik, Points East Trading Guild, and the Highland/Overland Traders. They are neutral with regard to the civil war in Rohrmarch. They are cool toward the Swamp Mage and his ally, Jaison Raenech and his usurpation in Osoerde. The Chimaera is an outright rival, but one who has so far taken limited means to oppose them.

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[top]Plots and Rumours

Untapped Iron Peaks

The dwarves of Baruk-Azhik do not currently have a wizard to tap the sources of the Iron Peaks. The Three Brothers Mages hope to prove themselves to the dwarves and gain their favor in utilizing these sources. In the meantime, the Chimaera keeps them too busy to turn their attentions here.
A Magical Marsh

The saltmarsh of the Hydra, known as the Harrowmarsh also contains untapped sources, but like Chimaera, would require dealing with an unpredictable awnshegh. Rassan thinks this should be the next project for the Brothers. Avicerra disagrees.

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