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Arms of ThoralinarArms of Thoralinar

Thoralinar is found in the east of Ghoere. It is one of the rockiest provinces within the barony and the location of most of the old mines. Only sheep and goats can survive with this meager amount of grass, so the people of Thoralinar mainly live from mining. The province produces the greatest part of Ghoere?s supply of iron, copper, coal and other minerals. Most of the iron and copper is exported to Bhalaene to be forged into weapons and armor for Ghoere?s huge army. A minor amount is exported to neighboring realms. The aged noble Belryc Wiermaeon (MAn, Nbl 2; Scion of Anduiras; minor, 4; LN) is currently the Count of Toralinar.
The Mage Tower: The so-called Mage Tower in the borderland to Elinie in the deepest mountains of Toralinar is an old ruin of a tower. Nobody has tried to enter it since centuries because it is said that it was the home of an old elven wizard in the times of Deismaar. Some claim he has managed it to keep away the goblin clans first and the humans second for centuries. The walls of the tower are very weak meanwhile and it seems to stand because of its magic only. If the old wizard is still the owner of the tower, if only birds could be found there today or if the Sword Mage has made it his home meanwhile, nobody can say. Rumors speak from powerful magical protections that secure it, but also from a huge treasure of gold, jewels and magical items.

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