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Female old (physically) Cerilian dragon 12/ ehrshegh dragon.

Great Bloodline of Reynir, 35


HP 29d12+12d10+16d10 +12*57= 1,032.
Initiative +0.
Speed 40 ft, fly 200ft (clumsy).
AC (base 29+size2+scales 20+magic deflection 5) =52.
BAB dragon 34, level +12, extra hdie +16, strength increase + 9) = 71.
Attack: Bite +76, Claw*2 +75, Wing buffet*2 +66, Tail slap +66.
Damage: 4d6+23, 4d6+22*2, 2d6+9*2, 2d8+27, 4d6+27 (area).
Special Attacks: Tail sweep, Breath weapon 16d10 (DC 28), Crush, Gaze, Spells, Spell-like abilities.
Special Qualities: Bloodline, Fear Aura, Spells.
Saves: Fort +36 (drag 20, lvl 16), Ref +31 (drag 15, lvl +16), Will +38 (drag 22, lvl+16)

Abilities: Note. Physical stats based on an old, but gargantuan dragon, others on a great wyrm (her actual age).
Cha 32, Con 34, Dex 10, Int 30, Str 46, Wis 32.
Skills: ((6+int(10)=16)*(drag+lvl=39. 18 skills at rank 39.)) +2 free knowledge skills.
Bluff, Concentration, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Heal, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Scry, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Spellcraft. 4 Knowledge skills: the Gorgon, awnsheghlien, Brechtür, Danigau.
Feats: 11. Cleave, Combat Expertise, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Great Cleave, Hover, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Sunder, Snatch, Wingover.
Bloodline: . Minor 3: Alertness, Detect Lie, Heightened Ability (constitution), Major: Divine Aura, Healing, Long life, Great: Bloodtrait, Regeneration, Major Regeneration.
Ehrshegh powers (12): tough scales*4 (+20 natural ac), increased size (gargantuan, +4 natural AC, -2 size ac, ability adjust incl. above), massive HD (gargantuan: +16 HD), keen claws and keen fangs, Ability bonus x 4 (+8 stn, +8 con).
Equipment: The Wrath of Kings has made a small number of magical items over the centuries.
  • Scale of shielding: +5 deflection bonus to armor.
  • Scale of life shielding: Immunity to death magic and petrification.
  • Claw guards: Increase damage of claws by one dragon size category, lets her use her full strength bonus with claws, +4 weapons.
  • Fang runes: Adds the ghost touch property to her fangs and makes them +5 weapons.


The Wrath of Kings a.k.a Great Aunt Katrina, one of Cerilia?s rare dragons, lives in Kantswach. Long ago Wulf Danig agreed a treaty with the dragon that agrees that she has ?her? mountain to herself, in practice keeping the population of the province to level 2 or less. In return the Wrath of Kings promised to prey west of the mountains in Urga-Zai or far out at sea.
Every now and then she feels talkative and speaks to the Count, she has done so frequently (by draconic standards) since Danigau?s founding seventeen centuries ago and she seems to be both proud and protective of ?her? realm.
Quite often (by draconic standards) she takes human form as ?Great Aunt Katrina?, an ancient Danigau relative of Wulf blessed with immortality by the gods. Old and crotchety enough to get away with any behavior, now matter how appalling, the matriarch of Danigau is a legend in the realm for shaming miscreants and ensuring that the boastful get their comeuppance with a combination of wit, caustic comments and the boundless bad manners of the elderly.
Infamous for her tart observations and political ?gaffes? Great Aunt Katrina may have a history of leaving chaos in her wake, but many couples too shy to make the first move find solace together after her passage, long hidden grudges are aired and thus bereft of power and in innumerable other ways long-term problems are resolved and surprising alliances formed by Great Aunt Katrina?s actions.
Although she enjoys playing at being human, the lonely Wrath of Kings grieves to this day for her son, killed for his lair in the north-east Stonecrown mountains by the Gorgon centuries ago. Someday she will be strong enough to wreck vengeance for that murder, and pity the fools who stand beside the Gorgon that day for her anger has been building for centuries.
The Wrath of Kings has never told anyone her draconic name; she was named long ago when a bard wrote a poem about her, the final stanza of which still circulates Brechtür: ?In his anger is the fury of the burning storm and in his wrath is the dying of kings?. As Wulf Danig once wryly noted, the bard?s powers of observation were even worse than his rhyming skills, but the name stuck and secretly the Wrath of Kings adores it.
The Wrath of Kings is rumored to have been present at Deismaar, certainly she was seen fighting and slaying a great sea serpent empowered by Azrai shortly after the battle, Wulf Danig?s diary clearly describes the battle which occurred shortly after the serpent attacked his battered fleet as the Brecht fled the battle?s aftermath.
It is also in disputable that the Wrath of Kings is blooded, for even her race do not normally live two millennia or more and she remains vital and physically young by their standards. The Wrath of Kings is as skilled in sorcery as might be expected for a dragon her age (she casts spells as a 19th level caster) but is far more ready to enter physical combat. Despite her actual age the Wrath of Kings is physically only an old dragon due to her long life blood ability.
The Wrath of Kings prefers spells that enhance her physical prowess, mislead others and charms. She dislikes ?loud? spells as these might draw attention ? and she is deathly afraid of the Gorgon (albeit nothing else).
The Wrath of Kings is physically imposing even for a dragon, her scales are deep black tinged with red at the edge and stronger than steel, her claws and fangs can tear rock and slice steel like it was paper.
Other dragons avoid the Wrath of Kings, a fact she bitterly regrets ? her ehrsheghlien transformation was deliberate, to aid her in protecting herself against the Gorgon, but her kind shun her for it.

[top]Awn/Ehrshegh dragon'''

D12 HD; +1 BAB/HDie, Good saves: all, Skill points 6+int x HDie; Feats: +¼ HDie.

?Shegh powers are based around physical abilities. Common powers include: Energy resistance 30 pts, Extra limbs - wings, Extra hitdie, Improved armour, Increased ability (either +2 to two stats, or +2 to one plus +1 to two others). The stats in question are fixed at character creation. Increased size, Increased speed 30 ft or flight.
Shegh dragons on occasion have the ability to shift forms between the scaled engine of destruction that their blood has made them and a more ?normal? form. If they can shift in this fashion then the above powers, including HDie and ability score increases, are not effective in the 'soft' form.

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