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The Siren’s Realm


timber, finished wood products, fabric, and rare seaweed useful in spellcasting
artworks, weapons, herbs, fish
GB Income:
RP Income:


[top]Life and Society

[top]Art and Crafts



[top]The Land

[top]Callanlars (2/4)

[top]Dantier Island (1/6)

[top]Gigha (2/5)

[top]Newtonor (3/3)

[top]Port Helen (1/4)


[top]Early History


[top]The Anuirean Millenium

[top]Five Centuries of Independence


[top]The Army

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Default Random Encounter Table


[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: The Sirens Realm
Callanlars (2/4)Sr (2)-Can (2)-
Dantier Island (1/6)--BA (1)-
Gigha (2/5)Sr (2)-Wis (2)-
Newtonor (3/3)Sr (2)CTN (2)Can (2)-
Port Helen (1/4)Sr (1)CTN (1)Wis (1)-
Abbreviations: Sr=The Siren; Can=Cannock; Wis=Wisbeck; BA=Bannier Andien (Andien and Sons ); CTN=Coastal Temple of Nesirie

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