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The Siren’s Realm


timber, finished wood products, fabric, and rare seaweed useful in spellcasting
artworks, weapons, herbs, fish
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To the far west of the Rjurik lands a peninsula of rocky isles juts into the Tael Firth along the southern border. This harsh stormswept coastline is home to the awnshegh known as the Siren. Fleeing from powers she did not understand and could not control as well as those who sought to kill her for it, the Siren found her way to this land just over twenty years ago. After defeating the tyrannical awnshegh known as The Dusk Man in a surprise encounter and absorbing more Azari Blood, the Siren found herself in a power vacuum with a loyal following of people. She took up the crown of the land when offered and now seeks only to protect those under her command and enjoys having a place to call home.

[top]Life and Society

Life in the The Siren's Realm is a harsh one, but no longer is it made harsher by having a tyrant in charge. While over half of the realm's population lives within a three mile radius of the capital of Newtonor, there are still a few hardy souls who seek isolation, market ventures, or self-sustainablity in the wilder parts of the realm in one of its smaller villages. There are more than a few who seek out rulership under the Siren as a form of Sanctuary. But most of the inhabitants are mostly concerned with feeding themselves and their families than they are with who wields power.

[top]Art and Crafts

While the land may be harsh, there is beauty in the souls of everyone. The creation of this beauty is one of the major exports of the realm. Pigments for paints are expensive and often hard to come by, but beautiful black and white charcoal drawings can be frequently found.

The metals pulled from the mines are used to craft weapons and armor for the military force used to keep Halskapa at bay, but those that can pay can find ornate pieces of warfare artwork. The mines also yield metals for whitesmiths and a few jewels as well so it isn't uncommon to see women and men appropriately adorned in fine chains and rings that befit their social station.

One of the often overlooked forms of art is that most dear to the people's regent. The library at Siren's Cry, the villa where the Siren rules, is said to contain many songs written in her own hand. Superstitions abound about not only the content of those songs, but about any magical properties that might be found within. Many wonder would one who does not possess the voice of the Siren be able to utter such sacred songs.


Though the Siren holds final say in all matters, much of he day to day governance of the realm is left mostly in the hands of seven trusted advisors who make sure most of the unimportant things never reach her. They are, however, very careful to not overstep their boundaries in this regard.

Randor, her chamberlin, has worked with her to develop a complex series of hand signals which she utilizes to express her will. If the language becomes overly complicated everything is written.

Cannock and Wisbech are two advisor who also control most of the trade in the realm. They operate and maintain the trade fleets which are the lifeblood of the realm's economy.

The other four members of the council are Birkenhead, Hanley, Thorpe, and Wolds.

Taxes are kept within reason in the kingdom and used mostly to fund the military machine that helps serve as a policing force in the realm and a deterrent for a Halskapan invasion.


Only two temples have been built since the Siren took the crown. Both the one in Newtonor and the one is Port Helen have been dedicated to Nesirie. The high priest of the temple, Ahrek, is regent's closest confidant outside of the council. These are the only two standing temples but many familial shrines to Erik and Vorynn dot the countryside.

[top]The Land

Like much of the land along the Taelshore, it is rocky, stormswept, and cold. Fishing and hunting are the jobs most find themselves doing if they live outside the capital or one of the few villages scattered around the realm as the ground is hard and unyielding even in midsummer.

[top]Callanlars (2/4)

The northern most province of the realm, Callanlars is a mountainous location. A city bearing the same name is the second most populated town in the realm. It is the secondary hub of mining and is located on the coast along the northern edge of Meler's Strait. A lot of effort went into cutting a path through the harden cliffs to allow a small port to be constructed for the city. In this city a good set of wagon horses to get a load of ore up and down the cliffside road is almost as costly as a wagon of ore itself.

[top]Dantier Island (1/6)

More overseen than owned by the Siren, a trade route has been established with the island to collect some of its special seaweed which is used in certain divination magics. No military has been recruited from here and it is common knowledge that military aid might not come if needed. There are no temples to speak of, it is a fairly lawless place with the only authority being laid down by the collectors of the seaweed and lumber which happen to be Andien Dantier. As the base of his operations, this is where Dantier Manor is located.

[top]Gigha (2/5)

A rocky island that is home to a fishing village of the same name on the northern coast of its shores. The village of Gigha is home to a good size port that allows for easy access to the bounty from the deep waters of the Tael Firth.

[top]Newtonor (3/3)

The northern half of this province is mountainous and contains the capital city of Newtonor. As one travels further south the terrain becomes less harsh but by no means gentle. The hunting village of Clyden can be found on the eastern coast along a small bay, and at the far southern point of the peninsula a fishing village of Arkalg can be found.
  • Newtonor

[top]Port Helen (1/4)

High mountains dominate the central part of this island but the northern and southern points are surprisingly gentle. On the far northwestern point lies the city of Grangem where the great shipyards of the realm can be found. To the south, the town of Port Helen can be found from which the province gets its name.
  • Grangem - lighthouse
  • Port Helen - siren's peak


The people are generally satisfied with the rule of the Siren. Many still remember the former ruler and are grateful for the Siren's protection. With the constant threat of Halskapan invasion coupled with the regent's vast power, there is very little political intrigue to be found in the realm.

[top]The Army

The realm's army is comprised of seventy-five Elite Guards (known as the Siren's Guard), and irregular troops levied from her other territories which serve as a roving police force. At any time, at least two hundred of these irregular troops can be found in the capital stationed in the Siren's villa.

Five militia commanders, Bardsey, Govan, Hugh, Ryde, and Shanklin, serve not only as military minds but as constables within the realm. All older and more patient officers as well as former members of the Elite Guard, their skill is beyond reproach. All are loyal and respectful to their regent but none more so than Govan. His family was saved from an attack by the Dusk Man by the Siren herself, and he and his son's would glad lay down their lives in her defense.

Rolf Junnarson is the current Captain of the Elite Guard. A large and honorable man, he is diligent in his work and keeps his men in peak fighting form ready to rush to the defense of the city or the realm. He had hoped that his good and faithful work would be rewarded with affection, but his liege's eye has been caught by another. A problem he plans to rectify very soon with murder.

[top]Important Figures

Dhaelrik, a Rjurik ranger, has found his way into the realm and into the heart of the regent. Little is known about him beyond the fact he has spent a good deal of time adventuring in the Blood Skull Barony. He appears to worship both Erik and Nesirie, but the Siren has refused to let anyone, including her advisors, badger him with questions. Most people to whom this event is relevant, seem to be pleased by it. But the Captain of the Elite Guard secretly nurses jealousy and seeks to kill him.

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Default Random Encounter Table


[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: The Sirens Realm
Callanlars (2/4)Sr (2)-Can (2)-
Dantier Island (1/6)--BA (1)-
Gigha (2/5)Sr (2)-Wis (2)-
Newtonor (3/3)Sr (2)CTN (2)Can (2)-
Port Helen (1/4)Sr (1)CTN (1)Wis (1)-
Abbreviations: Sr=The Siren; Can=Cannock; Wis=Wisbeck; BA=Bannier Andien (Andien and Sons ); CTN=Coastal Temple of Nesirie

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