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The dark, mysterious land of the Mistmoor lies sandwiched between the populous lands of Rovninodensk, Kal Kalathor, Rzhlev and the elven land of Tuar Annwn. An empty foreboding place, the Mistmoor has been the site of numerous battles and tragedies and is a place famous for its ghosts and fell magics. Some legends even say that after the Battle of Deismaar, the Lord of Shadow, Azrai, lingered here briefly, while others say it was once a prosperous (in Vos terms) realm accursed by the Gods for some unknown crime.

Today it is a rough, uneven land seemingly shrouded in eternal mist. The land here is often rich in grazing grass, though no Vos will ever consume cattle that have grazed here, preferring to slay them and let their bodies rot. Sometimes heavily armed caravans will cross the Mistmoor, though few merchants will ever agree to make the run a second time. Those who do travel through report seeing strange misty figures moving in the fog or on distant hillsides and some even report attacks by a horrible beast called the Mistman. Most of her neighbors prefer to leave the Mistmoor to the ghosts.

See Also: Vorostokov (alternative version)
A cursed Vos realm that once inhabited the land now called the Mistmoor, banished to the Shadow World by the Gods for the crimes of its regent.

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