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The Governor of Albiele island owns and resides in an imposing mansion (by local standards) on a Cliffside near the bay.

[top]East Guard Tower

One of two towers that flank the Governor's residence and private docks, this structure is 50 feet tall. Unlike most other buildings in Albiele Town, this tower is made of stone. A single wooden door, able to barred and locked from the inside, leads into a lower guardroom. There are always at least two guards present here. The guardroom contains a table and four chairs, a weapons rack which holds half a dozen broadswords, three light crossbows and a small barrel which holds 100 light quarrels. The guards typically spend their time gambling and watching the fights in the nearby Battle Pit from the tower doorway.
From the guardroom, a spiral staircase winds up to the roof, the roof is accessed via a trapdoor that can be barred from either side and is protected by 5 foot high crenellations. There are no artillery weapons on the roof but the Governor's guards are well trained in the use of their crossbows. There are always two guards on watch up here. In the case of trouble, one of them will strike the large gong near the trapdoor. The resulting noise can be heard from almost anywhere in the town. Certain patterns of strikes signal different situations. Four dozen spare light quarrels are stored on the roof.
Guard - Human Soldier, F2 (4): AC 4 (chain mail and medium shield); MV 12; F2; hp 11 each; THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg 2-8 (broadsword) or 2-7 (light quarrel); SZ M (5'-6' tall); ML Elite (14); Int Average (10); AL LN and LE; XP 65 each; MM 196.
Each guard is armed with a broadsword and light quarrel. They usually only carry 2d6 cp and 1d8 sp each The rest of their valuables are in their barracks in the Governor's Residence (3, below).

[top]The Governor?s Residence

Easily the biggest building in Albiele Town, the Governor's Residence occupies some prime real estate. The ground around this building slopes sharply upward to the structure on all sides except between the residence and the water of Albiele Town's bay. Here, it forms a 25 foot high cliff. Consequently, the Governor's Residence sits substantially higher than the surrounding buildings. This, combined with its three storey height makes it the dominant structure of Albiele Town.
The first floor of the building is partly taken up by several storerooms, a large kitchen, and a guards barracks that can accommodate 50 people. An audience chamber occupies the rest of the first floor. The audience chamber is two storeys high, with thin spiral staircases in each of its four corners leading up to a balcony which runs around the entire hall and overlooks the ground floor. From this chamber the Governor dispenses the little justice present in Albiele Town. Violators of the no clan conflict law are sometimes tried and sentenced publicly in this chamber when the Governor feels such measures are necessary. Actual executions, however, are carried out at the Pyre (9, below).
The second floor is primarily individual rooms for various members of the Governor's retinue. The two most prominent are the Secretary (MA; T6; LE), and the Governor's Captain (MKh/V;P5, Belinik; CE). Both of these individuals are detailed Pillars Of The Community, above. The Governor's Guards have their barracks on this floor.
The third and final floor of this building is totally windowless and is assumed to be the Governor's rooms. Almost no-one is allowed to enter this area, a rule harshly enforced by four of the Governor's elite bodyguards who guard the staircase to the third floor (statistics for these guards are given in The Governor..., above). The Secretary is believed to be the only person the Governor allows up. However, very little of this is true, although the Governor's real quarters can only be reached from the third floor.
The top floor of the Governor's residence is a series of trapped rooms, almost mazelike in their layout. There is a single safe path through the traps that leads to a room in the southernmost corner of the building which contains a secret trapdoor in the floor. This trapdoor opens onto a tight spiral staircase that leads down to a basement level 50 feet below ground where the Governor really resides. Here the Governor keeps his valuables (and his secrets). The Secretary is the only person who knows about the Governor's underground lair (he is also the only person the Governor has shown how to safely pass through the third floor of the building).
From its ?cliff-top? position, the Governor's residence overlooks a long, one storey building and a large dock that extends someway into Albiele Town's bay, both of which are the Governor's property. The docks can be used by anyone, although at a very steep price (10 gp/day). The advantage is that these docks are constantly guarded by two of the Governor's men (six when the Governor's ship is present) and they have orders to do their best to protect ships tied up at the Governor's docks. One berth is always kept clear, however, for the Governor's own ship - Light?s Gift, a heavily armed galleon.
The long building at the base of the cliff is actually part of the docks, and as such it is sitting over the water, supported by a number of foot thick wooden poles cut from the tough trees of Albiele Wood. This building is used to store sailing equipment and tools. It also doubles as accommodation for the crew of the Governor's ship when they are in Albiele Town. Four watchful guards are always present at this building, in addition to the dock guards. They are armed with broadswords and light crossbows (with 10 light quarrels).
Guard - Human Soldier, F2 (6 or 10): AC 4 (chain mail and medium shield); MV 12; F2; hp 11 each; THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg 2-8 (broadsword) or 2-7 (light quarrel); SZ M (5?-6? tall); ML Elite (14); Int Average (8-10); AL LN and LE; XP 65 each; MM 196.
These guards carry only a few coppers with them when on duty.

[top]West Guard Tower

This tower is essentially identical to its companion tower to the east (see 2, above). The same number (and type) of guards is also present.

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