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The Gorgon's Crown


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[top]Life and Society

This abomination controls the kingdom of Kiergard, plus Mur-Kilad and Markazor. Though they each mantain a nominal ruler, none of them can act with true autonomy. Apart from those three realms, none will deal with The Gorgon. Anyone not a vassal or a servant of him is regarded as his enemy. Any kingdom not under his control becomes a foe. Consequently, nearly all Anuire stands against him but rarely they take actions against him for they fear his periodic rampages and his terrible might and strength.
The Gorgon is the only and ultimate law. Every soul in his realm must obey him or be crushed away. People are divide in 2 classes: serfs and soldiers, those with better some privilges.
The religion of the realm falls under the purview of the Hand of Azrai, a mysterious priestess from far eastern lands.
The Gorgon does not trade with anyone. What he desires, he takes. He uses the Fellport harbour in Dauren Arm as his major sea access.

[top]The Land

[top]Abattoir (3/6)

[top]Anathar (1/6)

[top]Elfseyes (2/7)

[top]Mettle (2/4)

[top]Motile (2/3)

[top]Mutian's Point (1/6)

[top]Orog's Head (2/5)

[top]Pelt (1/6)

[top]Plumbago (2/5)

[top]Jogh Warren (3/3)

[top]Kal-Saitharak (4/5)

[top]Sage's Fen (2/5)

[top]Sere's Hold (2/4)

[top]Sideath (2/7)

[top]Stone's End (1/6)

[top]Sunder Falls (1/4)

[top]Zaptig (2/5)

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: The Gorgon's Crown
Abattoir (3/6)Go (3)--Go (6)
Anathar (1/6)Go (1)HOA (1)-Go (4)
Elfseyes (2/7)Go (2)--Go (7)
Jogh Warren (3/3)Go (3)--Go (2)
Kal-Saitharak (4/5)Go (4)HOA (4)-Go (5)
Mettle (2/4)Go (2)--Go (3)
Motile (2/3)Go (2)--Go (3)
Mutain's Point (1/6)Go (1)HOA (1)-Go (4)
Orog's Head (2/5)Go (1)--Go (4)
Pelt (1/6)Go (1)--Go (4)
Plumbago (2/5)Go (2)--Go (5)
Sage's Fen (2/5)Go (2)HOA (2)-Go (5)
Sere's Hold (2/4)Go (2)--Go (4)
Sideath (2/7)Go (2)HOA (2)-Go (5)
Stone's End (1/6)Go (1)HOA (1)-Go (4)
Sunder Falls (1/4)Go (1)HOA (1)-Go (3)
Zaptig (2/5)Go (2)--Go (4)
Abbreviations: Go=the Gorgon; HOA=the Hand of Azrai (the Hand of Azrai).

  • Law: The Gorgon is the law of his kingdom. no one can turn his people or his land against him.
  • Temples: The religion of the Gorgon's Crown falls under the perview of the Hand of Azrai, a mysterious priestess from the lands to the east. She is not blooded; if she were, the Gorgon would have consumed her long ago. She has devoted herself totally to the Gorgon and will never work against him freely.
  • Guilds: No guilds maintain a presence in the Gorgon's Crown, as the kingdom does not engage in trade.
  • Source: No one is foolish enough to try taking the magical holdings in the Gorgon's Crown; the fearsome abomination remains the domain's lone mage.

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