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The Binman is a bizarre being created by the half-elf sorceress Danita Kusor - now more commonly called the Chimaera. The Binman is however more than a mere construct being an awnshegh in its own right. In her quest to discover immortality, Danita built the Binman from the bodies of a multitude of other beings, infused it with strange potions, and cast dweomer after dweomer upon it. The Binman did not come to life however until Danica was attacked by a wandering awnshegh. The awnshegh was slain by Danita and, as it collapsed over the body of the Binman, its bloodline passed into the Binman, quickening it to life.

Over the years the Binman has increased in intelligence and understanding and gained a fair degree of skill as a warrior although it has become proud and prone to reacting violently to those who mock its appearance. The Binman is often erratic in its behaviour, has flashes of memory and personality from the myriad beings that make up its body and often lapses into brooding silences punctuated by violence. The Binman wanders Binsada, Sendoure and Zikala and has worked as a mercenary on a number of occasions.

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