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The Sielwode

Siellaghriod (?the Heart of the Shield?)


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Status: Recommended for elves.
The Emerald Queen, Isaelie Galanohel, watches over the Faerie Court of the Sielwode. Though she feels darkly resigned towards the humans, she knows she must punish human intruders harshly, lest men come to believe they can trespass on elf lands at will. Otherwise, the Queen cares only for nature, her elves and faerie. She does not, as a rule, involve herself in the petty affairs of mortals.

[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land

The Sielwode is a primal elven realm that can be at once terrifying and beautiful, threatening or serene. To elves, the forests are the perfect refuge for their kind, as it has been totally unexplored by humans or other races. The realm is completely covered in forests, dotted sparsely by magical glens and ringed with bogs and wetlands. Fey creatures flit on the edge of travelers' vision, while wandering treants give credence to stories of the forest moving and changing shape while you traverse its depths.
Many humans have stumbled into The Sielwode and never returned. The forest itself is untamed by humans, and the elven population does not take kindly to trespassers. There is a sense of deep malice in parts of the forest, and it seems that sometimes even the land itself wants to repel humans and other invaders. The forest knows what humans would do to it, left unchecked, and its inhabitants do whatever is necessary to protect its integrity.
While the land can be frightening and dangerous, it is also home to unearthly beauty. Wild roses bloom on vines that entwine the trunks of ancient trees. Oak groves cluster around deep, crystal-clear pools that seem to sink into the Shadow World. Small glens and meadows are so magnificent that the mere sight of such could kill the viewer on the spot.
Some humans have survived The Sielwode to bring back stories of the majestic beauty of the Crystal Palace in the capital of Slenaghnod, in the center of the realm. This palace, made entirely of crystal, was raised from the earth by the magic and lore of the Emerald Queen's forebears, and it is said that a single candle held in the right place can illuminate the entire structure.


Isaelie has held the throne for over a hundred years, and in that time has watched the human lands slowly coalesce into their current shape. She knows that despite the hidden dangers of her feywild woodlands, the humans will eventually turn their gazes to the Sielwode. Once they do, destruction will be inevitable.


The proud and dignified Queen carries a deep sadness. She feels the fate of her people heavily upon her shoulders. She can act with savage fury at times, unwilling to accept human's immense capacity for destruction. At these moments she is likely to unleash her army on the nearby human realms to punish them and raze every village with several day's travel.


[top]Important Figures

[top]Rumors, Secrets and Plots

An emissary of Rhuobhe Manslayer currently resides at the Crystal Palace. Adara Cuamhyrcha seeks the Emerald Queen as an ally, and perhaps a bride for her master. She seems as much a fanatic about humans as Rhuobhe, but she may not have turned her back on the other things elves love as much as he.

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