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Temple of the Ancients

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Status: Recommended for PCs.
The Temple of the Ancients is dedicated to the worship of the sea goddess Nasri. The Temple also preserves the memory of the Masetians. Their culture, language and artifacts are studied and transmitted to younger clergy and dedicated laity.

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Domain Table: Temple of the Ancients
Adaba, Adaba (sultanate) (4/1)UaT (2)TAn (4)ZMG (3)Bed (1)
CK (2)
Fara Zha´nge, Adaba (sultanate) (2/3)UaT (1)TAn (1)ZMG (1)Bed (3)
Ariya (province), Ariya (7/0)GFA (4)GFA (5)GCC (3)Rh
TAn (2)BK (2)
GFA (1)
AzÚdas, Ariya (1/4)UaT (1)TAn (1)GCC (1)Rh (1)
Mesire (province), Mesire (5/0)YRM (3)TAn (4)ZMG (3)YRM (0)
Namal, Mesire (3/2)YRM (2)TAn (2)-YRM (2)
Zikala (Province), Zikala (6/0)OTZ (3)TAn (2)GCC (2)OTZ (0)
ZTA (2)
Abbreviations: TAn= Temple of the Ancients (Jasmina el-Mesir); UaT=Umar al-Thaqafi (Adaba (sultanate)); GFA=Gerad ibn Farid el-Arrasi (Ariya) (Ariyan Temple of Avani); YRM=Yousef ibn Reghil el-Mesir (Mesire); OTZ=Omar ibn Tuarim el-Zisef (Zikala); ZMG=Zha´nge Merchant Guild (Aswan bin Serhouf); GCC=Gold Coast Coster (Omadi the Quick); BK=Brotherhood of Khet (Turiye min Saida); Bed=Bedoureg (Ber Tarva); Rh=RahÝl the Falcon (Court Wizard of Ariya).

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