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The Temple of Rilni is a small but ancient temple dedicated to Rilni, the god of magic. It also serves as an important centre of magical studies. It is revered by all Khinasi true mages, who must travel in the remote realm of Mairada to swear the Five Oaths.

[top]Doctrine and Faith

The church is focused primarily on the role of Magic in Cerilia. Magic is a marvellous gift to mankind but it can also be very dangerous if not well handled of if it's used by unworthy people. Churchmembers must be ever vigilant about the correct use of Magic for those who don't are sinners and must atone. In worst cases, sinners are unforgivable and must be tracked, found and put in a condition they cannot longer do harm with Magic.

[top]The Land

The Peak of the Crescent Moon is where the temple is built, beautiful towers, made by white stones, shine silver in the light of the moon.


The temple has existed nearly as long as Rilni has been the god of magic. It was founded shortly after the events of Deismaar.

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