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[template]Documentation subpage[/template]

This is the [template]tl|![/template] meta-template.
This is an auxiliary template allowing to encode "<code>|</code>"
within template parameters. It is necessary if the character is used in wiki table syntax, or if the parameter is automatically wikilinked and you wish to use a pipe to specify different link text from the target page name. In other cases it is better to use "<code>|</code>".
This template cannot be used for putting the character as text in a wiki table; in that case, again, "<code>|</code>" can be used.
Note that no special template is needed for "<code>!</code>" (exclamation mark).
This is a [b]high risk template[/b], and it usually cannot be [wiki="WP:SUBST"]substituted[/wiki] (see conditions for substing on [wiki="Template talk:!#Usage"]the talk page[/wiki]).
[h="3"] See also [/h]
[list][*] [template]tl|!![/template]
[*] [template]tl|!-[/template]
[*] [template]tl|-![/template]
[*] [template]tl|broken bar[/template]
[*] [template]tn|'[/template] and related
[*] [brwiki]Qif conditionals[/brwiki]
[*] [template]tl|pipe[/template] - Note that this one looks like [template]tlf|![/template] but has a very different meaning for the MediaWiki parser and thus has different functionality.

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