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[table] cellpadding=10 style="background-color:#D1CAB8; border-top:1px #4444bb solid; border-bottom:1px #4444bb solid;"
||[b]It was deemed that this proposal requires a vote.[/b]   Please [b]vote below![/b]   If one side outnumbers the other by [b]five votes for three days[/b], that side is declared the winner. Please do not mark this for accepted/declined or remove this message until the voting has met [brwiki="Policy/Voting"]Voting policy[/brwiki] requirements.
[table] style="background-color: transparent; font-size: smaller; font-family: Tahoma, sans-serif"
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[b]How to place your vote:[/b]
[list][*] Simply click [Edit] in the upper-right hand corner of the [b]Votes[/b] section, and type exactly one of the following below the other present votes:
[indent]<code style="font-size: 8pt;">&#123;&#123;vote&#124;<b>Yes</b>&#124;~~~~&#124;<i>your notes or leave empty</i>&#125;&#125;</code>, or[/indent]:<code style="font-size: 8pt;">&#123;&#123;vote&#124;<b>No</b>&#124;~~~~&#124;<i>your notes or leave empty</i>&#125;&#125;</code>
[list][*] Then click [b]Save page[/b] and you are done!
Note that some votes will have other options than Yes/No.
You may also want to check up on what is linking to the article!
| &nbsp;
| valign=top width=54% |
[b]When one side is winning:[/b]
[list][*]If you are [b]adding the winning vote[/b], or notice that one side is in fact winning:
[*]: Change [template]tlink|Vote/Vote[/template] on this talk page to [template]tlink|Vote/Closing[/template]
[list][*]If [b]Yes has won[/b], and 3 days has passed:
[list=1][*] Change [template]tlink|Vote/Closing[/template] on this talk page to [template]tlink|Accepted[/template]
[*] Make the change suggested in the proposal.
[list][*]If [b]No has won[/b], and 3 days has passed:
[list=1][*] Change [template]tlink|Vote/Closing[/template] on this talk page to [template]tlink|Declined[/template]
[*] [b]Do not remove the votes![/b]
If necessary, you may archive votes to [wiki][var]NAMESPACE[/var]:[var]PAGENAME[/var]/Archivevote[/wiki].

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