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Making changes?: Use * {{tlink|Stub/Subcategory}} ([[:category:Stubs/Subcategory|Stubs/Subcategory]]) to list new ones, then follow the resulting red link and copy the content from {{Stub/Item}} (which is a good one) and edit it to fit your new stub area, replacing every occurrence of the word "Item" with the word relating to your sub-category. Also make sure to update the stubs quicksheet.
Current stub templates in use at [[BRWiki]], each linking to a particular category: &nbsp; &nbsp; [template]edit|Template:Stubdescriptions[/template]<br>
[list][*][template]tlink|Stub/Adventure[/template] ([category=Stubs/Adventure]Stubs/Adventure[/category]) - [i]Pages describing specific [wiki]adventure[/wiki]s.[/i]
[*][template]tlink|Stub/NPC[/template] ([category=Stubs/NPC]Stubs/NPC[/category]) - [i]Pages describing any [wiki="NPC"]Non-Player Character[/wiki]s.[/i]
[*][template]tlink|Stub/Class[/template] ([category=Stubs/Class]Stubs/Class[/category]) - [i]Pages describing any [wiki]Player Character[/wiki]'s [wiki]Class[/wiki].[/i]
[*][template]tlink|Stub/Item[/template] ([category=Stubs/Item]Stubs/Item[/category]) - [i]Any page about an [wiki]item[/wiki]. Even objects in the world that you can't pick up.[/i]
[*][template]tlink|Stub/Location[/template] ([category=Stubs/Location]Stubs/Location[/category])- [i]Any location, group or organisation in the World of [wiki]Aebrynis[/wiki] - dungeons, instances, cities, regions, continents, [wiki]domain[/wiki]s, [wiki]holding[/wiki]s, [wiki]organisation[/wiki]s, you name it.[/i]
[*][template]tlink|Stub/Lore[/template] ([category=Stubs/Lore]Stubs/Lore[/category]) - [i]Articles dealing with [wiki]canon[/wiki] Birthright [wiki]lore[/wiki].[/i]
[*][template]tlink|Stub/RP[/template] ([category=Stubs/RP]Stubs/RP[/category]) - [i]Pages with [wiki]Role Playing[/wiki] info, [wiki]fan fiction[/wiki], etc[/i]
[*][template]tlink|Stub/Player[/template] ([category=Stubs/Player]Stubs/Player[/category]) - [i]Pages describing [wiki]player character[/wiki]s, [wiki]roleplaying[/wiki] or otherwise.[/i]
[*][template]tlink|Stub/Gameplay[/template] ([category=Stubs/Gameplay]Stubs/Gameplay[/category]) - [i]Pages describing [wiki]Dungeons and Dragons[/wiki] Rules for Birthright ([wiki="AD&D"]2nd[/wiki] and [wiki="D&D 3.5e"]3.5rd[/wiki]).[/i]
[list][*][template]tlink|Stub/Other[/template] ([category=Stubs/Other]Stubs/Other[/category]) - [i]Anything that doesn't fit in the above categories.[/i]
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[list][*][template]tlink|Stub/Policy[/template] ([category=Stubs/Policy]Stubs/Policy[/category]) - [i]Please do not use unless you know why you are doing so and are aware of the repercussions of that action.[/i]
[*][template]tlink|Stub/Needed[/template] ([category=Stubs/Needed]Stubs/Needed[/category]) - [i]As above.[/i]

Please do not use the uncategorized &#123;&#123;Stub&#125;&#125; tag on BRWiki.

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