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|+ Part of a series on [b][wiki]Social class[/wiki][/b]
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! [b]Rural Ranks[/b]
| [wiki]Serf[/wiki] · [wiki]Yeoman[/wiki] · [wiki]Gentry[/wiki] · [wiki]Nobility[/wiki]
! [b]Urban Ranks[/b]
| [wiki]Criminal[/wiki] · [wiki]Laborer[/wiki] · [wiki]Craftsman[/wiki] <br> [wiki]Guildmaster[/wiki] · [wiki="Guilder (rank)"]Guilder[/wiki]
! [b]Regional Variation[/b]
| [wiki="Anuire (ranks)"]Anuire[/wiki] · [wiki="Rjurik (ranks)"]Rjurik[/wiki] · [wiki="Brecht (ranks)"]Brecht[/wiki] · [wiki="Khinasi (ranks)"]Khinasi[/wiki] · [wiki="Vos (ranks)"]Vos[/wiki]

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