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This template is for [b][brwiki="Citation"]citing[/brwiki] the [wiki]book[/wiki]s[/b] using the <ref> magic words. For other ways to cite articles, see [category=Citation templates]Citation templates[/category].
[h="2"] Copy and paste referencing [/h]
Most of the following can be copied and paste for easy use in articles. Get rid of the enter space when inserting into the text, as that will unnecessarily create space in the editing of the article. There are a few things to know:
[list][*]All parameters are optional.
[*]Page numbers are preferable, but optional. In case you do not know the page number, insert the chapter number. If you know neither, do not use.
[*]Use separate references for any given page, unless it is something to the affect of "5-7", or "210-76".
[*]The relevant quote is not required, but it can help in finding the context of the information cited.
[*]Don't forget to insert <references/> or [template]t|reflist[/template] at the end of the article, preferably under a level 2 section named References.
[*]It is preferable that citations use the original volume of work, not the archived volumes.
[h="2"] Novels [/h]
=== The Iron Throne ===
<ref>{{ref book |author= Various |authorlink= Various |title = [[The Iron Throne]] |isbn= 978-1-4165-2582-0
|pages= something |chapter= something |quote= something else}}</ref>
rest of (core)books and supplements need to be added

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