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This is the [template]tl|nutshell[/template] message box.
This template presents a [wiki="WP:TRITE"]concise[/wiki] summary at the top of [brwiki="Policies and guidelines"]BrWiki policy and guideline[/brwiki] pages. It is placed below the title and other infoboxes and above the first paragraph of the main body.
[list][*] Use the nutshell summary to make BrWiki more inviting to [brwiki="Welcoming committee"]new users[/brwiki].
[*] Nutshell entries must be brief overviews, with a very high [wiki="Signal-to-noise ratio#Informal use"]signal to noise ratio[/wiki].
[*] Make sure each word in the nutshell carries significant weight, "[wiki="The Elements of Style"]make every word tell[/wiki]".
[*] [wiki="WP:CONTEXT"]Wikilink[/wiki] key words to other [brwiki="Policies and guidelines"]policy and guideline[/brwiki] pages to create a "nut trail".
This template can also be used on other pages, for instance on how-to guides. But it should not be used in articles.
[h="3"] Usage [/h]
<div class="bbcode_container"> <div class="bbcode_description">Code:</div> <pre class="bbcode_code" style="height:36px;">&#123;&#123;nutshell&#124;text&#125;&#125;</pre></div>Renders like this:
<div class="bbcode_container"> <div class="bbcode_description">Code:</div> <pre class="bbcode_code" style="height:36px;">&#123;&#123;nutshell&#124;First bullet point&#124;Second bullet point&#124;Third bullet point&#125;&#125;</pre></div>Renders like this:
[template]nutshell|First bullet point|Second bullet point|Third bullet point[/template]
<div class="bbcode_container"> <div class="bbcode_description">Code:</div> <pre class="bbcode_code" style="height:36px;">&#123;&#123;Nutshell&#124;title&#61;A nutshell&#124;text&#125;&#125;</pre></div>Renders like this:
[template]nutshell|title=A nutshell|text[/template]

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