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[h="2"] Usage [/h]
Featured article template for [user="Kirkburn/Dev7"]new mainpage design[/user].<br/>
Parameters are:
[indent]Use image name and suffix.[/indent][list][*]imagetext
[indent]Image caption.[/indent][list][*]imagesize
[indent]Should not need changing. Only do so if image has [b]unusual[/b] height/width.[/indent][list][*]imagealign
[indent]If image is [b]broader[/b] than tall (or quadratic), use [i]middle[/i]. If image is [b]taller[/b] than broad, use [i]right[/i][/indent][list][*]text + text2
[indent]If <code>&#123;&#123;&#123;imagealign&#125;&#125;&#12 5;</code> is set to "middle", text can be split into two parts. <code>&#123;&#123;&#123;text&#125;&#125;&#125;</code> will appear above image <code>&#123;&#123;&#123;text2&#125;&#125;&#125;</code> will appear below.[/indent]:If <code>&#123;&#123;&#123;imagealign&#125;&#125;&#12 5;</code> is set to [i]right[/i], write [b]all[/b] use only <code>&#123;&#123;&#123;text&#125;&#125;&#125;</code>.
[h="2"] Example [/h]
|imagetext=Northrend concept art
[b][wiki]Northrend[/wiki][/b] is the icy, northernmost continent of the world of [wiki="Azeroth (world)"]Azeroth[/wiki], and the source of the evil [wiki]Scourge[/wiki]. It is also the home of Icecrown Glacier, the seat of the malevolent [wiki]Lich King[/wiki]. The continent will be featured in the upcoming expansion, [wiki]World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King[/wiki].
Often called "the roof of the world", Northrend is a frozen wasteland that lies far to the north. As with the other continents, it was once part of the original [wiki]Kalimdor[/wiki] landmass that was broken apart during the [wiki]War of the Ancients[/wiki]. The land that became Northrend drifted far from Azeroth's temperate zone, which killed off a large portion of the remaining wildlife...
[h="2"] Template [/h]
[if="[var]FULLPAGENAME[/var]==Portal:Mobile"][else /][if="{{{imagealign|right}}}==right"][wiki="File:{{{image"]Medivh3.jpg}}}|{{{imagesize|140px}}}|right|{{{ima getext|}}}[/wiki][/if][/if]{{{text|Lacks text}}}[if="[var]FULLPAGENAME[/var]==Portal:Mobile"][else /][if="{{{imagealign|right}}}==middle"][div] style="margin:5px 0;" |
[wiki="File:{{{image"]Northrendentryconc.jpg}}}|{{{imagesize|280px}}}|{ {{imagetext|}}}[/wiki]

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