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[top]How To Use This Template

For your dragons by age tables, copy and paste the following, and enter in values after the equal signs:
{{Dragon/By Age
|sz1= |hd1= |hp1= |str1= |dex1= |con1= |int1= |wis1= |cha1= |bab1= |grap1= |at1= |fort1= |ref1= |will1= |bw1= |dc1= |fp1=
|sz2= |hd2= |hp2= |str2= |dex2= |con2= |int2= |wis2= |cha2= |bab2= |grap2= |at2= |fort2= |ref2= |will2= |bw2= |dc2= |fp2=
|sz3= |hd3= |hp3= |str3= |dex3= |con3= |int3= |wis3= |cha3= |bab3= |grap3= |at3= |fort3= |ref3= |will3= |bw3= |dc3= |fp3=
|sz4= |hd4= |hp4= |str4= |dex4= |con4= |int4= |wis4= |cha4= |bab4= |grap4= |at4= |fort4= |ref4= |will4= |bw4= |dc4= |fp4=
|sz5= |hd5= |hp5= |str5= |dex5= |con5= |int5= |wis5= |cha5= |bab5= |grap5= |at5= |fort5= |ref5= |will5= |bw5= |dc5= |fp5=
|sz6= |hd6= |hp6= |str6= |dex6= |con6= |int6= |wis6= |cha6= |bab6= |grap6= |at6= |fort6= |ref6= |will6= |bw6= |dc6= |fp6=
|sz7= |hd7= |hp7= |str7= |dex7= |con7= |int7= |wis7= |cha7= |bab7= |grap7= |at7= |fort7= |ref7= |will7= |bw7= |dc7= |fp7=
|sz8= |hd8= |hp8= |str8= |dex8= |con8= |int8= |wis8= |cha8= |bab8= |grap8= |at8= |fort8= |ref8= |will8= |bw8= |dc8= |fp8=
|sz9= |hd9= |hp9= |str9= |dex9= |con9= |int9= |wis9= |cha9= |bab9= |grap9= |at9= |fort9= |ref9= |will9= |bw9= |dc9= |fp9=
|sz10= |hd10= |hp10= |str10= |dex10= |con10= |int10= |wis10= |cha10= |bab10= |grap10= |at10= |fort10= |ref10= |will10= |bw10= |dc10= |fp10=
|sz11= |hd11= |hp11= |str11= |dex11= |con11= |int11= |wis11= |cha11= |bab11= |grap11= |at11= |fort11= |ref11= |will11= |bw11= |dc11= |fp11=
|sz12= |hd12= |hp12= |str12= |dex12= |con12= |int12= |wis12= |cha12= |bab12= |grap12= |at12= |fort12= |ref12= |will12= |bw12= |dc12= |fp12=
Some of the parameters in the template are numbered from 1 to 12 (e.g. hd1, hd2,... hd12) Each number represents a dragon age category: 1 = wyrmling, 2 = very young, 3 = young, 4 = juvenile, 5 = young adult, 6 = adult, 7 = mature adult, 8 = old, 9 = very old, 10 = ancient, 11 = wyrm, 12 = great wyrm.

[top]Example: Steel Dragon

{{Dragon/By Age
|sz1=S |hd1=4d12+4 |hp1=30 |str1=11 |dex1=10 |con1=13 |int1=10 |wis1=11 |cha1=12 |bab1=+4 |grap1=+0 |at1=+5 |fort1=+5 |ref1=+4 |will1=+4 |bw1=1d6 |dc1=13
|sz2=S |hd2=7d12+7 |hp2=52 |str2=13 |dex2=10 |con2=13 |int2=12 |wis2=13 |cha2=12 |bab2=+7 |grap2=+4 |at2=+9 |fort2=+6 |ref2=+5 |will2=+6 |bw2=2d6 |dc2=14
|sz3=M |hd3=10d12+20 |hp3=85 |str3=15 |dex3=10 |con3=15 |int3=14 |wis3=13 |cha3=14 |bab3=+10 |grap3=+12 |at3=+12 |fort3=+9 |ref3=+7 |will3=+8 |bw3=3d6 |dc3=17
|sz4=M |hd4=13d12+26 |hp4=110 |str4=17 |dex4=10 |con4=15 |int4=16 |wis4=15 |cha4=14 |bab4=+13 |grap4=+16 |at4=+16 |fort4=+10 |ref4=+8 |will4=+10 |bw4=4d6 |dc4=18
|sz5=M |hd5=16d12+48 |hp5=152 |str5=19 |dex5=10 |con5=17 |int5=18 |wis5=15 |cha5=16 |bab5=+16 |grap5=+20 |at5=+20 |fort5=+13 |ref5=+10 |will5=+12 |bw5=5d6 |dc5=21 |fp5=21
|sz6=L |hd6=19d12+57 |hp6=180 |str6=21 |dex6=10 |con6=17 |int6=20 |wis6=19 |cha6=16 |bab6=+19 |grap6=+28 |at6=+23 |fort6=+14 |ref6=+11 |will6=+15 |bw6=6d6 |dc6=22 |fp6=22
|sz7=L |hd7=22d12+88 |hp7=231 |str7=23 |dex7=10 |con7=19 |int7=20 |wis7=19 |cha7=18 |bab7=+22 |grap7=+31 |at7=+26 |fort7=+17 |ref7=+13 |will7=+17 |bw7=7d6 |dc7=25 |fp7=25
|sz8=L |hd8=25d12+100 |hp8=262 |str8=25 |dex8=10 |con8=19 |int8=22 |wis8=21 |cha8=18 |bab8=+25 |grap8=+36 |at8=+31 |fort8=+18 |ref8=+14 |will8=+19 |bw8=8d6 |dc8=26 |fp8=26
|sz9=H |hd9=28d12+140 |hp9=322 |str9=27 |dex9=10 |con9=21 |int9=22 |wis9=23 |cha9=20 |bab9=+28 |grap9=+44 |at9=+34 |fort9=+21 |ref9=+16 |will9=+22 |bw9=9d6 |dc9=29 |fp9=29
|sz10=H |hd10=31d12+186 |hp10=387 |str10=29 |dex10=10 |con10=23 |int10=24 |wis10=25 |cha10=20 |bab10=+31 |grap10=+48 |at10=+38 |fort10=+23 |ref10=+17 |will10=+24 |bw10=10d6 |dc10=31 |fp10=30
|sz11=H |hd11=34d12+238 |hp11=459 |str11=31 |dex11=10 |con11=25 |int11=24 |wis11=25 |cha11=22 |bab11=+34 |grap11=+52 |at11=+42 |fort11=+26 |ref11=+19 |will11=+26 |bw11=11d6 |dc11=34 |fp11=33
|sz12=H |hd12=37d12+296 |hp12=536 |str12=33 |dex12=10 |con12=27 |int12=26 |wis12=27 |cha12=24 |bab12=+37 |grap12=+56 |at12=+46 |fort12=+28 |ref12=+20 |will12=+28 |bw12=12d6 |dc12=36 |fp12=35
The above wiki code produces the following table.
Steel Dragons by Age
AgeSizeHit Dice (hp)StrDexConIntWisChaBase Attack/
AttackFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveBreath Weapon (DC)Frightful Presence DC
WyrmlingS4d12+4 (30)111013101112+4/+0+5+5+4+41d6 (13)?
Very youngS (7d12+7)52131013121312/+7+4+9+6+5+6 (2d6)14
YoungM10d12+20 (85)151015141314+10/+12+12+9+7+83d6 (17)?
JuvenileM (13d12+26)110171015161514/+13+16+16+10+8+10 (4d6)18
Young adultM16d12+48 (152)191017181516+16/+20+20+13+10+125d6 (21)21
AdultL (19d12+57)180211017201916/+19+28+23+14+11+15 (6d6)22
Mature adultL22d12+88 (231)231019201918+22/+31+26+17+13+177d6 (25)25
OldL (25d12+100)262251019222118/+25+36+31+18+14+19 (8d6)26
Very oldH28d12+140 (322)271021222320+28/+44+34+21+16+229d6 (29)29
AncientH (31d12+186)387291023242520/+31+48+38+23+17+24 (10d6)31
WyrmH34d12+238 (459)311025242522+34/+52+42+26+19+2611d6 (34)33
Great wyrmH (37d12+296)536331027262724/+37+56+46+28+20+28 (12d6)36
You might notice that the parameters fp1 through fp4 are missing from the wiki code, but a value still show up in each field in the table ("?"). Some parameters have default values when they're missing from the wiki code.
The following comprehensive list of parameters all have the default value "?".
str1 - str12
dex1 - dex12
con1 - con12
int1 - int12
wis1 - wis12
cha1 - cha12
bw1 - bw12
dc1 - dc12
fp1 - fp12
If you want any of the above fields to be blank instead of having the default value. leave the parameter, but don't put anything after the equal sign.
bw1=1d6 |dc1=
The above will yield the following in the "Wyrmling"/"Breath Weapon (DC)" table cell.
[indent]1d6 ()[/indent]

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