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''This template is an alternative to Domainbox It can be accessed by using [template]Dombox and ended with the [/template] command. This box is bordered and 270 pixels in width. It has an large, bolded, and centered header followed by a an image. Below that, a list of the statistics and facts of the realm can be found. This work could not have been done without the amazing coding and work from those that contributed to the original template.

Province of the Walker

Walker in Darkness
Lawful Evil
Seat of Power:
Hostile to everyone except The Gorgon
Livestock, Fish, Souls, Misery
Gold, Silver, Gems, Plague
GB Income:
102 GB per turn (60 GB collection, 12 GB law claims, 30 GB tribute from vassals)
RP Income:
90 RP per turn (70 RP collection, 20 RP tribute from vassals)
17 GB (Army 11 GB; Fortifications 3 GB; Court 3 GB)
160 GB
110 RP
Archers (x3), Artillery (x2), Knights (x4), Cavalry (x3), Infantry (x6), Elite Infantry (x3), Pikemen (x4), Galleons (x7), Caravels (x12), Coasters (x5)
Fortified Law 7 (Realm1 - 3, Realm2 - 1, Realm3 - 2, Realm4 -1); Fortified Temple 3 (Realm3 - 1, Realm5 - 2); Fortified Guild 1 (Realm3 -1); Fortified Source 2 (Realm5 -2)

The box on the right is a sample of the domain box in use. To have the box's upper end appear in line with text on the left (as depicted here), be sure to add the template ABOVE the section of text when editing a page. Below are the list of current inputs.

| image =
| name =
| ruler =
| alignment =
| status =
| seatofpower =
| capital =
| population =
| government =
| religions =
| relations =
| imports =
| exports =
| gbincome =
| rpincome =
| gbexpenses =
| treasury =
| regency =
| armies =
| fortifications =
| courtlevel =

Any of these lines may be left empty or not even included and Dombox should still work with no issues. The code for the infobox on the right is as follows.

| image = Avanil.png
| name = Province of the Walker
| ruler = Walker in Darkness
| alignment = Lawful Evil
| status = Non-Player
| seatofpower = Realm1
| capital = Thorn
| population = 100,000
| government = [wiki]Feudal[/wiki] [wiki]monarchy[/wiki]
| religions = [wiki]The Hand of Azrai[/wiki]
| relations = Hostile to everyone except [wiki]The Gorgon[/wiki]
| imports = Livestock, Fish, Souls, Misery
| exports = Gold, Silver, Gems, Plague
| gbincome = 102 GB per turn (60 GB collection, 12 GB law claims, 30 GB tribute from vassals)
| rpincome = 90 RP per turn (70 RP collection, 20 RP tribute from [wiki]vassal[/wiki]s)
| gbexpenses = 17 GB (Army 11 GB; [wiki]Fortifications[/wiki] 3 GB; [wiki]Court[/wiki] 3 GB)
| treasury = 160 GB
| regency = 110 RP
| armies = [wiki]Archers[/wiki] (x3), [wiki]Artillery[/wiki] (x2), [wiki]Knights[/wiki] (x4), [wiki]Cavalry[/wiki] (x3), [wiki]Infantry[/wiki] (x6), [wiki]Elite Infantry[/wiki] (x3), [wiki]Pikemen[/wiki] (x4), [wiki]Galleons[/wiki] (x7), [wiki]Caravels[/wiki] (x12), [wiki]Coasters[/wiki] (x5)
| fortifications = Fortified Law 7 (Realm1 - 3, Realm2 - 1, Realm3 - 2, Realm4 -1); Fortified Temple 3 (Realm3 - 1, Realm5 - 2); Fortified Guild 1 (Realm3 -1); Fortified Source 2 (Realm5 -2)
| courtlevel = 10

style="border: 2px #ffffff solid; background: #001821;"
class="grid_24 alpha omega" | [div] class="grid_24 alpha omega cardheaderbrown" | [div] class="grid_24 cardtitle" |[CENTER][SIZE="4"][B]{{{name}}}[/CENTER][/SIZE][/B]

[div] [image]{{{image}}}|100px|center[/image][/div][/div][/div]


[if=" {{{ruler|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxoddrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|[wiki="Regent"]Ruler[/wiki]:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{ruler}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{alignment|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxevenrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|[wiki="Alignment"]Alignment[/wiki]:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{alignment}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{status|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxoddrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|Status:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{status}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{seatofpower|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxevenrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|Seat of Power:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{seatofpower}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{capital|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxevenrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|Capital:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{capital}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{population|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxoddrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|[wiki]Population[/wiki]:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{population}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{government|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxevenrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|Government:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{government}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{religions|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxoddrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|[wiki]Religions[/wiki]:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{religions}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{relations|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxevenrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|Relations:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{relations}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{imports|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxoddrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|Imports:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{imports}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{exports|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxevenrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|Exports:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{exports}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{gbincome|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxoddrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|[wiki]GB[/wiki] Income:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{gbincome}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{rpincome|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxevenrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|[wiki]RP[/wiki] Income:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{rpincome}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{gbexpenses|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxoddrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|Expenses:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{gbexpenses}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{treasury|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxevenrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|Treasury:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{treasury}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{regency|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxoddrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|[wiki]Regency[/wiki]:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{regency}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{armies|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxevenrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|[wiki]Armies[/wiki]:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{armies}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{fortifications|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxoddrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|[wiki]Fortifications[/wiki]:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{fortifications}}}[/div][/div][/if]
[if=" {{{courtlevel|}}} "][div] class="grid_24 alpha omega boxevenrow" |[div] class="grid_7"|[wiki]Court Level[/wiki]:[/div][div] class="grid_17"|{{{courtlevel}}}[/div][/div][/if]


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