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[template]documentation subpage[/template]

This template automatically displays a documentation box like you are seeing now, of which the content is transcluded from another page. It is intended for pages which are [brwiki="Transclusion"]transcluded[/brwiki] in other pages, i.e. templates, whether in the template namespace or not.
[h="2"] Usage [/h]
[h="3"] Normal /doc [/h]
[h="3"] Any /doc page [/h]
{{{{{template-name|Documentation}}}|Template:any page/doc}}
[h="3"] In-line content [/h]
{{{{{template-name|Documentation}}}|content=This is documentation.}}
[h="3"] In-line content with [view][edit] links [/h]
|1 = Template:any page/doc
|content =Template:template:any page doc
[h="3"] Best practice [/h]
This code should be added at the bottom of the template code, with no extra space before "<code><noinclude></code>" (which would cause extra space on pages where the template is used). The parameter can be used as shown above to transclude an arbitrary documentation page.
Categories and interwiki links that apply to the template itself should be added to the documentation page, inside <code></code> tags. For more complex cases, see [brwiki]Template documentation?#Categories and interwiki links[/brwiki].
If the documentation page contains includeonly or noinclude tags as part of the documentation, replace the "<" with "<".
[h="3"] Customizing display [/h]
Overrides exist to customize the output in special cases:
[list][*] <code>{{documentation| [b]heading[/b] = ...}}</code> - change the text of the "documentation" heading. If this is set to blank, the entire heading line (including the first [edit] link) will also disappear.
[h="2"] Functions [/h]
If the documentation page doesn't exist, the "edit" link includes a [wiki="mw:Manual:Creating pages with preloaded text"]preload[/wiki] parameter so that clicking it will pre-fill the edit form with the basic documentation page format.
[h="2"] Rationale [/h]
Use of this template allows templates to be [brwiki="Protection policy"]protected[/brwiki] where necessary, while allowing anyone to edit the documentation, categories, and interwiki links.
[h="2"] See also [/h]
[template] Documentation/doc/see also [/template]

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