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Please do not modify the layout parameters of the template itself without understanding why it looks the way it does. See Template talk:Infoline.
Use: {{band|your text here|bordercolor|more css styles}}
Example: {{band|your text here|#222233|padding: 0.2ex 4em; color: white; background-color: #222233;}}
You can override already-defined styles by just writing them again in more css styles. At least, in any sane browser, you can. Please do remember to keep the left and right margins at 3em though.

[div] style="display:table; margin: 0.2ex 3em; border-top:1px solid {{{2}}}; border-bottom:1px solid {{{2}}}; text-align: center; padding: 1ex 3em 0.5ex; line-height:130%; {{{3}}};" |

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