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Another member of the Privy Council, Taelan Blackhart (MAn; Ftr10; Unblooded) is the only commoner among its membership. As Lord High Captain of Avanil, he is tasked with the leadership of the Prince?s fleets. This wizened commander has served in his position for over twenty years. He has seen combat against the pirates of the Straits of Aerele, the Seadrake and against the navy of Boeruine. The fief of Blackhart along the coast was awarded to him after years of faithful service, but he rarely spends any time there, focusing instead on the true love of his life: the sea. He feuds constantly with Graelan Caulnor, as the gruff baron believes that fleets should lie under his authority and that the methods Blackhart prefers for the navy are craven and lacking in chivalry. If Caulnor were given any choice, he would man Avanil?s navy with fully armed and armored knights and men-at-arms.

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