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County of Taeghas

Harald Khorien, Count of Taeghas

Bureaucracy (Avanil)

GB Income:
24 GB (Province 23 GB; Law 1 GB)
RP Income:
76 RP (Province 23 RP; Law 3 RP; Source 30 RP)
GB (Army GB; Fortifications GB; Court GB)
' RP


[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land

Taeghas encompases a wide range of terrains, though all its provinces share the same temperate, maritime climate. In the north lies the edge of the Aelvinnwode. Hills dot Aerele Bay. Rivers run everywhere.
Islien touched by NesirieIslien touched by Nesirie

The challenges of the coastal climate have made those who live here a hardier breed. The sailors are especially skilled and can spot changes in the weather with keen accuracy. The coast of Taeghas is rocky and can be treacherous, but her sailors learn to navigate these sees or disappear into the waters never to be heard from again.





Islien is a heavily wooded peninsula jutting out into the Straits of Aerele. Islien has a few very nice harbors and would like to see them developed to compete with the merchant towns of Brosengae, but that seems like something for the future. The Count of Islien is Gaelin Isilviere.



Seamist is the mountainous province opposite Nentril in Avanil. Orog and goblin attacks have become much more frequent lately. Fears point to a breach of the dwarven defenses that kept them locked underground.
Seamist is ruled by Count Richard Duene, a friend of Harald Khorien who sits on the Great Council of Taeghas.


[top]Wilder's Gorge


As the twelve tribes of Andu fled from the Shadow, one of these tribes was the tribe of Taegha, a tribe known more for their seamanship than their courage. In those days none could rival the Taegha when it came to naval ability. They settled down in the lands of the south west coast, close to Aduria, as the naval base of operations against enemies coming from Aduria.
Erroll Brosen was the man that led the forces of the Taegha at Deismaar. He was a man that possessed a lot of tactical talent, creativity, and passion. After the battle Roele Andu appointed the Brosen family as the ducal family of the Duchy of Taeghas. Their lands extended from the Elfwash River and later in the south the duchy stretched all the way down to Bindier.
In addition to the worship of Haelyn and his consort, Nesirie, the patron of sailors, the guilders of Taeghas were the first to embrace Saramie. The Temple of Fortune was attractive to the nobility and the guilders of the realm and was very popular among those with money.
As one of the oldest and most wealthy areas in Anuire, development occurred fastest in Taeghas, and concern among the druids and wizards, especially Nerva Otho and Seneca of the White Staff. The dukes had little interest in protecting the sources, as both their landed development and guild activity were in direct conflict with the preservation of the sources. This might have been a minor affair in Taeghas, but the dukes had long sought to cultivate wealth rather than the affections of the people, becoming in spirit more guilder than prince. A series of bad harvests turned out to be the catalyst for a major rebellion.
A traditional revolt in 944 HC, but the rebellion was crushed by the forces. This rebellion didn?t get the Brosen family to grow concerned though.
Then in 953 HC the commoners and nobles joined up with one of the larger of the Taeghan families, known for their powerful magic and unseen by the Brosen family, they established sources in the few remaining sources. And two years later the common populace rebelled once again and this time, with the aid of the wizards, monsters summoned and common people taking up arms, Taeghas erupted in a very bloody civil war. The treasury of the Brosen family, most likely the largest at the time, was used to buy large amounts of mercenaries.
Vaelyn Brosen was the Duke at the time and he asked the Emperor for aid, but at that time, only about a decade before the fall of the Empire, the Emperor?s position was already weak and no aid was given to the Brosen family in defending their own realm.
But even the greatest treasury is emptied when supporting large armies of mercenaries and in the end Caer Brosien fell and hundreds of members of the royal family was slaughtered and many executed. But a handful, including Vaelyn and his daughter, escaped and they fled to the south, to the lands held for the Brosen family by the count of Marilen, Derek Mierelen, who remained loyal to the Brosen family, despite the rest of the realm being in chaos. These provinces were Marilen, Bindier and Coere.
In 1499 HC, Rhuobhe Manslayer raided the borderlands of Taeghas, and Count Alfred Khorien and his son and heir, Edgar Khorien were slain in an ambush laid by the Manslayer. Harald Khorien came to power in the War of Taeghean Succession during which Darien Avan backed Harald and Aeric Boeruine supported Roger Khorien.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Fighting Orders

The Knight Hawks, an order devoted to Cuiraecen, is the only fighting order native to Taeghas.

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Taeghas
Bayside (3/2)DA (2)DT (3)FS (2)HK (2)
AB (0)
Bhaine (6/0)DA (3)DT (4)FS (2)HK (0)
HK (3)RN (2)
Brosien (2/6)DA (1)RN (2)FS (2)HK (6)
Islien (3/4)DA (2)DT (3)FS (3)HK (4)
Portage (3/2)DA (2)DT (3)FS (2)HK (2)
AB (0)
Seamist (2/6)DA (1)RN (2)-HK (6)
Seasdeep (3/4)DA (2)DT (3)FS (1)HK (4)
Wilder's Gorge (1/6)DA (1)RN (1)-HK (6)
AB (0)
Abbreviations: AE = Aeric Boeruine (Boeruine); DA = Darien Avan (Avanil) HK = Harald Khorien (Taeghas); DT= Daffyd Tamaere (Peaceful Seas of Nesirie); RN = Rhobher Nichaleir (Western Imperial Temple); FS = Facellies Sloere (Taeghan Outfitters).

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