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Sword Rust Tribes


RP Income:
12 RP (Province 7 RP; Law 5 RP)

Orog infantry (x2), Orog pikes (x2), Orog lizard riders (x2)


Status: Not available for player characters
Perhaps the only realm of orogs on Cerilia, the area known as the domain of the Sword Rust Tribes has had a short and colorful history. Perhaps challenged by the brutal nature of Vosgaard and Vos themselves, small tribes of orogs in the Orlenaskyy Mountains have banded together rather than fight each other for supremacy (as usually happens), and have hewn a small realm from the wild lands of northern Vosgaard. Whether the Sword Rust Tribes can maintain their unity remains to be seen.

[top]Life and Society

The orogs of the Sword Rust Tribes care little for politics, economics, or trade. Their realm structure is primitive, at best, and their warrior nature remains their most important commodity. Unlike other large collections of orogs, however, they have managed to create and sustain a basic government for more than a few years.
Bending together against the growing human and humanoid populations around the Orlenaskyy Mountains, the three Sword Rust Tribes of orogs have managed to subjugate or drive out most of their enemies in the center of the northern mountain range.

[top]The Land




[top]Flora and Fauna





Orogs have inhabitated the Orlenaskyy Mountains for centuries. Once, the range was thick with them and their small warrior tribes made the mountains all but impassable. But then the Vos came and drove them out of the foothills. Then the Raven came, offering employment first and slavery later. They retreated into small dens and isolated fortresses deep inside the mountains, unable to strike back at their tormentors.
Then came Tolzimkur. He proved to be successful in leading raiding parties into Velenoye and some months later became the chieftain of the Redfoot tribe. Then the Pitchblack orogs attacked the Redfoots, as happened often in those days (the orogs of the Orlenaskyys raided each other as often as their Vos and goblin neighbors). Bloody and brutal, the raids helped each tribe solidify its territorial borders and kept populations of the clans low and of little threat to non-orog neighbors.
Tolzimkur decided one day that this had gone on long enough.
The Redfoot orogs successfully defended their territory against the Pitchblack tribe and then counterattacked. They did not raid their neighbors, however - they exterminated them. At great cost to his own warriors, Tolzimkur managed to kill every Pitchblack warrior, priest, and cub. Then, before his tribe could be attacked by the two remaining nearby orog bands, he single-handedly slew the chieftains of the Bloodclaw and Blackspire orogs. His long, two-handed scimitar grew rusty with all the blood it drank - or so the orogs say. Tolzimkur then allied hilmself with the Temple of the Last Scream and appointed two new chieftains for the two surviving tribes. He made himself regent and bonded them to him as vassals. Tolzimkur has ruled the Sword Rust Tribes ever since.
= Political =

[top]Important Figures

[top]Rumors, Secrets and Plots




[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Sword Rust Tribes
Blackspire (2/7)TR (1)LS (1)-FS (7)
Bloodclaw (2/7)TR (1)LS (1)-FS (7)
Redfoot (3/6)TR (3)LS (1)-FS (3)
Abbreviations: TR = Tolzimkur Redfoot (Orog Chieftain); LS = The Last Scream (Oneg Skuhlzek); FS = Firosk Slecktra (Fell Speaker).
  • Law: The venerable orog warrior Tolzimkur rules all the law holdings to the Sword Rust Tribes but does so through his tribal chieftains. These vassals remain uncharacteristically loyal to Tolzimkur; he has faced only two serious challenges to his rule in the last three years.
  • Temples: No one knows the name of the deity the orogs of Cerilia worship and they will not reveal it. All across the land, nearly all orogs practice their secretive religion, and in the Orlenaskyy Mountains stands one of their few established temples. The Last Scream of Orlenaskyy holds sway over most orogs of all three Sword Rust Tribes.
  • Guilds: While small groups or orogs have been known to trade with each other and their non-orog neighbors, no established trade guilds exist within the Sword Rust Tribes.
  • Sources: Near her home in the Grovnekevic Forest, no one is surprised that Firosk Slecktra has controls of all sources in the realm. She often uses realm magic to make life difficult for Tolzimkur's orogs, but he has begun to strike back by polluting or destroying her source manifestations.
  • Provinces: Though he allows his three tribal chieftains to rule the law holdings of the Sword Rust Tribes, Tolzimkur rules the land.

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