Svinoy Island

The small, forested isle of Svinoy Island is claimed by Hjolvar. As such, King Uldviik wishes it to function as a Hjolvaran fortress and shipbuilding center. Construction of a small fortress has been completed, but the island has not yet been assigned a jarl. Several druids of the Oaken Grove have been assigned to the island as well, to guarantee that shipbuilding, fishing, and construction do not unduly damage the island. Though it has the potential to be an important economic asset, all is not well on Svinoy island. Inhabitants report being troubled by nightmares and visions of terrible monsters, though the isle seems uninhabited. Several druids have had disturbing portents of danger on Svinoy, but so far no one has been able to pinpoint the source of the trouble, or even prove that any real danger exists.

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