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Straits of Aerele Shipping



Common goods
Adurian herbs, piracy
GB Income:
16 GB (Guild only)
RP Income:


The SAS is the official façade of the various illegal deals of the governor Arron Vaumel. From Seaward's black market to Ghaele's hidden pirate docks, the guild ensures that no deal is made without a commission that falls into the governor's pockets.

[top]Commerce and Production

The guild mainly serves to make the loot earned by piracy in the black market of Mieres, but there is also an official façade that exchanges with Avanil the famous adurian herbs, endowed with mystical qualities, in exchange for common goods.

[top]Centers of Trade

Seward is renowed for its black market. A hive of scum and villany, it's the place to pick up any items forbidden on the Anuirean mainland. The only problem is getting them back into the northern realms unnoticed.


The guild as it is now is the result of the ruthless and cynical politics of the governor. Before the current governor there were many more-or-less legitimate trade centers, disorganized and based mostly on the influence of pirates on the island of Albiele.


[top]Important Figures

Arron Vaumel is the sole leader of the guild, and rules his holdings with an iron fist.

[top]Plots and Rumours

A new guildmaster in town: Some say that the governor, fearing that Darien Avan's men may finally discover his hidden treasure, may make an exception to his "no lieutenants" rule and make one of his most "skilled" man in charge of the guild - for a good price in RP and more than half the share of the booty of course! You can use this hook to have a character different than the governor as the guild leader.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Straits of Aerele Shipping
Brenlie, Mieres (3/4)AV (1)EOM (3)AV (3)Mhi (0)
Crenier, Mieres (2/5)AV (1)CJS (2)AV (2)Mhi (3)
Dhalier, Mieres (1/6)DA (1)VOM (1)AV (1)Mhi (0)
Ghaele, Mieres (2/3)AV (1)ETN (2)AV (2)Mhi (3)
Lathier, Mieres (3/4)AV (1)EOM (3)AV (3)Mhi (4)
Mielen, Mieres (2/5)AV (1)EOM (2)AV (2)Mhi (5)
Seaward, Mieres (4/3)AV (2)EOM (3)VOM (1)Mhi (3)
DA (2)AV (4)
Serien, Mieres (4/3)DA (3)
AV (1)
ETN (4)AV (4)Mhi (0)
Anuire, Avanil (7/0)DA (7)RN (4)PAI (4)HK (0)
TC (3)EM (2)
AV (0)
Caulnor, Avanil (5/0)DA (5)WIT (3)PAI (4)HK (0)
CJS (2)AV (1)
Daulton, Avanil (5/4)DA (5)CJS (3)PAI (3)HK (2)
WIT (2)AV (2)
Abbreviations: AV = Arron Vaumel (Mieres, Straits of Aerele Shipping); EOM = Eloéle of Mieres (Sarae Somellin); Mhi = Mhistecai; CJS = Celestial Jewel of Sarimie (Temias Coumain); DA = Darien Avan (Avanil); VOM = Vos of Mieres (Pytor Selenie); ETN = Eastern Temple of Nesirie (Maire Cwllmie); WIT=Western Imperial Temple (Rhobher Nichaleir); PAI=Parnien Anuvier Iniere (Prince's Pride); HK=Harald Khorien (Taeghas)

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