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Stormlord Seerbrand


GB Income
6 GB
RP Income
8 RP

4 GB
Acc. Regency
8 RP


[top]Doctrine and Faith

The Stormlord Seerbrand has a long history of adversarial conflict with the Haelynite establishment in Rohrmarch. Going back at least as far as Brecht resistance to Anuirean occupation, the knights of Cuiraécen have not been the staunch supporters of Haelyn's temples that they were founded to be. Even relations with the Militant Order of Cuiraécen are strained on this point. The Stormlord Seerbrand is entirely dedicated to the doctrines of resistance and reject those of service.

[top]The Land


In -208MR, priests of Kirche founded a knightly order of warriors within the Imperial Temple. This order was known as the Stormlord Seerbrand. When there was a great schism in Anuire between churches associated with Haelyn's Aegis, this order broke away and formed its own church.
In the north of Rohrmarch, the Stormlord Seerbrand maintain a foothold. Even now, priests of Kirche in the north are given much leeway in their conduct, particularly if they ride at the head of a band of marauding soldiers. However, they have been greatly weakened by the death of Prince Oden. The people in the north, weary of war, now look forward to a time of peace and are turning away from Kurt Warkinde?s violent message. While the nobles and the commoners in the north still worship Kirche, they are silently hoping for new leadership in the Stormlord Seerbrand. Unfortunately for them, Warkinde maintains a tight grip on the church and still commands the respect of the rank-and-file.

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