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The Stjordvik army is a busy army, routinely fighting the Blood Skull Barony. The Stjordvik army is ultimatly responsible to King Varri Haraldsson, but is directly responsible to High Marshal of the Armies, Heidrek Bern. When the whole armies assemble the king takes control and leads his army, and is regarded by all as a brave and capable warrior (if not as a capable king if using the Varri described in Player's Secrets of Stjordvik).
Given the population of Stjordvik, the Stjordvik army reaches its optimal size at around 4000 men. While the army can be larger, it becomes significantly more expensive.

[top]Standing Force

The Stjordvik army maintains a standing force of

[top]Order of Battle

There are two areas of concern to Stjordvik, one is beyond the North Counties where the Blood Skull Barony is a constant threat. The other is beyond the West Counties where Rjuvik is an often hostile Rjurik realm.
The Warden of the West Counties is Otgar Sjarkhoelle, an emigre of Rjuvik who now stands guard against Fulgar the Bloodhanded. His active forces include only the Territorial Grays, which contains Huskarls from around the realm. If Rjuvik seemed a threat, Captain Otgar would assume command of the Erik's Freeman Infantry in Hjorvaal plus units raised to respond. Troops raised in Hollnevik and Namverg are often combined because the provinces are both lightly populated.
The Warden of the North Counties is Ewald Androsson, uncle of the Eorlless of Lofkirdik, Arnora Hadrimssdotter. He commands the whole Stjordvik army except for the Huskarls of the Territorial Grays.
In Hjorvaal, Erik's Freeman Infantry stands alone at Njallby.

In Lofkirdik, the King's Foot and Bern's Light Horse Guards stand ready.

Andro's Highland Scouts is divided between Lofkirdik and Udvika, about half of the unit in each province.

In Udvika, the Frontier Thunderers remain vigilant.
High Marshal of the Armies, Heidrek Bern, spends about half of his time in Hollingholmen with King Varri, and half in the North Counties watching the Blood Skull Barony.


The Stjordvik army is not limited to the force which stands ready all of the time. It can mobilize additional units. However, most proper soldiers are already in the army.
  • Only two additional units of Infantry can be raised, one from Ustkjuvil, one from Saerskaap.
  • More common are Archers, since hunting is so common among the Rjurik. Three units can be raised, one in Arvaald, one in Saerskaap, and one in the West Counties.
  • Three unit of Scouts can be raised, one from the West Counties, one from Ustkjuvil, and one from Arvaald.

Beyond soldiers, there are the karlar. These dedicated warriors serve in every nobles' household in the country. When the king calls for his vassals, they can assemble to form a large, very effective fighting force of Huskarls and Cavalry. Both of these units is elite and contains only half the number of warriors of other units, while still remaining more effective than a standard unit.
  • One unit of Cavalry can be raised in Saerskaap.
  • Seven units of Huskarlar can be raised from the West Counties (x1), Arvaald (x1), Ustkjuvil (x2), and Saerskaap (x3)

No other units can be raised except for the levy of non-military commoners. These are Irregulars because of the Rjurik life of rigor, hunting, and service in the militia. A maximum of 34 units could be raised if every able bodied man was called to arms. However, only the first four units of irregulars are normal priced. After that, the cost of raising and maintaining them are doubled.
  • four units of normally priced irregulars
  • and additional thirty units of double priced irregulars

[top]Order of Battle

When the whole army is mobilized, it is organized into three columns, the vanguard, the mainbody and the rearguard.
If the normally priced units are all raised, both the vanguard and the rearguard would contain
The main body is composed of
  • 4 units of Karlar
  • 3 units of Infantry
  • 2 units of Archers

Normally the King commands the main body, the Marshal the vanguard, and the Warden whose theater operations are in commands the rear. If one of these is not present, and Eorl may take over the rear guard.
The army retreats backwards, the rearguard leads the way to the rear, and the vanguard remains facing the enemy.
In case of a war with Rjuvik, troops must still be left to watch the Blood Skull Barony, so the operating army would likely be smaller.

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