Stat Blocks:Caliedhe Dosiere

Caliedhe Dosiere
Fighter 12/ Wizard 16
The Chamberlain of Anuire, Lineage of Royalty
CR 28
HP , hd28
AC , touch , flat-fooded
Fort , Ref , Will
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Initiative +0
Spot −1, Listen +0
Anduiras, Great 64
Bloodline abilities Detect lie, Enhanced sense (Major), Divine Aura (Major), Resistance (Anduiras, Manjor)
Standard attacks
BAB +0, Grapple
Melee attacks
Broadsword +4

Skills unknown
Feats unknown
Str 10
Con 13
Dex 14
Int 19
Wis 17
Cha 15
Alignment LN, Languages Common, Anuirean (native)
Possessions Caliedhe Dosiere usually carries a broadsword +4 called Throneguard and the signet bearing the imerial Seal of Anuire. on his right hand he wears a ring of office, which also acts as a ring of protection +4. His wrists bear bracers of protection +4

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