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The Stark family is decended from Adalbrecht Stark, Graf of Starkhundt.

Adalbrecht Stark, Graf of Starkhundt, married to Liesel Tallen
* Heinrich Stark, Graf of Starkhundt, married to Magdalena Ulbrun
::* Richard Stark:: relationship with Gretchen Weisschal:* Irma Stark, married to Richard Konrad Stark::* Martha Stark
* Lamprecht Stark, married to Theresa Tallen, Gräfin of Talhundt
:: see the Tallen family for descent ::* Kiel Stark::* Edsel Vexten

Irma Stark

F.Br. Noble 1. LE. Cha 10, Con 8, Dex 12, Int 16, Stn 9, Wis 14. Vorynn, minor, 20: 1 minor. Mebhaighl sense.

Quote: Bah! Honor, justice, words used by the weak to chain the strong and deny them their due. Strength is what matters, to be feared is a far greater power than to be loved.

Fortune gave Irma the face and soul of a bull-dog but a mind like a steel trap. Irma has spent the last 30 years nagging her brother Heinrich to make something of the family and is delighted that he’s finally taken to her way of thinking; now she just has her son to knock into shape - at least he has his father’s looks and his mother’s brains, not the other way around.

Kiel Stark

M.Br. Guilder 1. CG. Cha 17, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 16, Stn 10, Wis 14. Vorynn, minor, 28: 1 minor. Alter appearance, 1 major: Mebhaighl sense.

Quote: I see your point Hubert, but there is still some small truth in Helma’s argument, both of you may yet profit by compromise, let me suggest an accord.

Trade I understand of course, but trade with such as you is trade for no profit – only a fool thinks gold of value if his head would lie on a pike after the winning of it; away from me with your schemes, even to have spoken to you could mean my death were it discovered.

Quite how Kiel was raised amongst the haughty Stark family and retained his sense of humor is hard to fathom, the rakish Kiel has used his relaxed charm to keep the families relations with the fishermen who hire the family ships cordial and the family’s smelters haven’t faced a work stoppage since he took over the family’s negotiations.

Kiel is however bored of playing merchant, the ‘pocket-money’ Heinrich grants him keeps only a handful of his girlfriends in nice dresses and ribbons and frankly if he has to spend another 4 hour meeting debating whether a cask-slagger deserves a higher skill-payment than a cask-tapper he will commit an act of bloody violence. He is also quite keen to get well away from Heinrich for a while – something has seriously annoyed Kiel’s uncle and Kiel has a fairly good idea what.

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