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Spider River Traders


Wood from the Spiderfell
Wood from the Erebannien, Ore from Bellam
GB Income:
12 GB (Guild)
RP Income:
14 RP (Guild)


The The Spider River's Guild is the main guild of Aerenwe, but the guild also controls extensive holdings in Roesone.

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[top]Centers of Trade


They started as a sawmill's guild who harvested the southern marches of the Spiderfall, but Guilder Ghoried (Siele Ghoried's father) expanded the guild to include the bargemen of the upper Spider, and handed a network of interests and investments to her when he retired.


The Spider River's guild is one of the few honest guilds in Anuire. Siele is a good-hearted person who believes that her great wealth should be reinvested into the land. She avoids shady contacts or underhanded businesses, keppeing her empire legitimate and legale. Her reluctance on more sinister methods places the guild at a disadvantage compared to rivals such as Orthien Tane or El-Hadid. She is focused on growing at home in Aerenwe, the battle for control in Roesone is nothing more than an expensive sideshow for her.

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[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Spider River Traders
Banien's Deep, Aerenwe (1/6)LS (1)SG (1)HMA (3)
RA (3)
Calrie, Aerenwe (6/0)LS (6)MCw (6)SG (3)HMA (0)
Dhoenel, Aerenwe (5/0)LS (5)MCw (5)SG (3)HMA (0)
Halried, Aerenwe (5/0)LS (5)MCw (5)SG (3)HMA (0)
Westmarch, Aerenwe (1/6)LS (1)SG (1)HMA (3)
RA (3)
Bellam, Roesone (3/2)MR (2)IHH (3)OT (3)HMA (2)
SG (0)
Caercas, Roesone (4/1)MR (2)IHH (3)EH (2)RA (1)
RCS (1)SG (2)
Fairfield, Roesone (3/2)MR (1)IHH (2)SG (3)HMA (2)
OT (0)
Ghoried, Roesone (2/3)MR (1)IHH (1)SG (2)HMA (2)
Abbreviations: SG=Siele Ghoried (Spider River Traders); EH = Essafah el-Hadid (Port of Call Exchange);HMA=High Mage Aelies;LS=Liliene Swordwraith (Aerenwe); MCw=Maire Cwllmie(Eastern Temple of Nesirie); MR=Marlae Roesone (Roesone); OT = Orthien Tane (Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports); RA=Rogr Aglondier (Wizard of Ilien); RCS = Ruornil's Celestial Spell (Suris Enlien);

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