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Bad weather in the area is lessened or averted. Source: Homebrew User:AndrewTall


The caster can moderate the weather within 1 mile per 5 levels - hurricanes become storms, storms become gales, rains lessen, etc. The spell requires time to take effect, and simply diverts the weather to one side or another. It cannot create weather, and some phenomenon are simply too powerful or too sudden to have significant effect on - a tornado roams where it wills, lightning strikes before any mage could react, etc.
The spell could be used to draw bad weather towards the caster, or intensify bad weather, however this use is common only in Vosgaard. As the spell is always centered on the caster it is unwise to summon worse weather when the weather is already extreme unless the caster has some immunity - or a deathwish if this version is cast during a thunderstorm!



While this spell is too puny to have any effect at domain level, it can improve the chance of a ship surviving a storm (+10% seaworthiness), spare a villages farms from early frost or storm damage (or at least reduce the damage), etc. As such it is a common spell used by Magicians to benefit their community.

[top]Tips and Tactics

This is possibly the most common hedge wizard spell, numerous 'witches' have been burnt to death for inflicting bad weather on a village possibly through some association to this spell.

[top]AD&D spell version

No conversion required, except that as a druid/priest spell it would be of the weather sphere.

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