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A message can be sent from the holder of one stone to a matched stone carried elsewhere. Source: Eberron (modified). P102, Magic of Eberron.


The spell fashions a magical link between 2 stones, which allows messages to be passed between them - words spoken by someone holding one stone are repeated in the same volume, tone and manner by the second stone - even if the stones are miles apart.

The message can be up to 25 words long, the stones must weigh at least 1 lb each, and faintly radiate magic until the spell expires.



This is a variant of Whispering Wind, which sends a message to a specific object rather than to a specific location.
If cast as a third level spell the message can be 25 words per spellcaster level, and the duration extends to 1 day per spellcaster level.

[top]Tips and Tactics

The spell is most useful when the spellcaster wants to get a quick report on a situation without needing to scry the area. The spellcaster gives the second stone to an aide who travels to the area and then touches the stone to report back.
A permanent version of the spell could be used to effectively create a telephone.

[top]AD&D spell version

The priest sphere is elemental (earth).

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