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The caster gains +5 to perform checks for a period of time. Source: Eberron (modified).


The caster is inspired to produce a magnificent performance beyond their normal ability. With this spell even a tone-deaf mage could sing passably, while the prima donna of a Brecht opera could bring tears to the eyes of a dwarf with her signature aria.



This spell is frequently used by bards seeking divine inspiration and is popular particularly in the Rjurik Highlands and amongst the Khinasi.

[top]Tips and Tactics

This is not a combat spell, but could easily be used by bards eager to ease the use of their bardic abilities. The spell is sufficiently durable that, where available, it is likely to be cast as a matter of course on key performers.

[top]AD&D spell version

+3 on proficiency checks in performance-related proficiencies.

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