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The caster gets an image of the target's ancestors and more remote forebears. Source: Homebrew AndrewTall


The wizard gets a vision of an ancestor of the target - what they looked like, their 'aura', etc - almost always enough to identify them, although sometimes (generally in the case of a powerful scion or an anwsheghlien) the image is drowned out by the aura of godliness, evil, madness, etc.
The wizard can view one ancestor per minute, and must track from the most recent backwards (they effectively see the family tree and choose which path to navigate up it).



As a non-adventure spell this spell should not count towards the maximum number of spells known for a wizard. It may also be used on non-humans such as prize mares or the like - when a noble pays good gold for the services of a noted stallion covering the mare with a lesser beast is cause for reparations to be demanded.

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The wise mage listens to the tavern talk and on hearing that the lord doubts their child's parentage speaks to the mother first - she always pays better if the child isn't his! Britter Von Hausen 1527 HC.
This is a non-adventure spell used by hedge wizards, generally to identify the father of a child (there is rarely any doubt over the mother).

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