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Bard 4, Magician 4, Druid 4, Priest 4, Wizard 4
The caster can identify exactly what type of wood, ore, metal, or stone they are touching for a period - including tighmaevril.
Source: BoM (modified).


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Use/talent Notes, things folks should know when lining up the spell/ability. Notes on tactics should go below.''

[top]Tips and Tactics

Add any relevant tips and techniques, as well as situations where the spell is most useful/popular and any notes on how the spell is perceived by a given race/culture.
Note. There are only a dozen tighmaevril weapons and a set of needles known - the spell is therefore somewhat less than useful - how many mages would have it kicking around in case they come across true silver? By expanding it to identify the composition of any material it has obvious commercial use so could justifiably be well known. A skill check of some sort to properly interpret the spell would sound reasonable.

[top]AD&D spell version

If you could add an AD&D conversion (i.e. clerical sphere of the spell, magic resistance %age not Spell resistance, impact on proficiency slot not skill DC) it would increase the potential number of users.

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