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New Magician / Wizard Spell: Dazzling Display (D20)


The caster creates a series of multi colored flashes, smoke puffs, and small bangs and other ?magical? sound effects. This spell cannot mimic specific sounds (other than bangs) or create images other than flashes of light.
This is a spell used to entertain crowds rather than a battle spell it is practiced by those mages without a ?real? income ? a court mage would only use such a spell to entertain their liege while most true wizards would not be seen dead casting it.


The spell adds 10 to any perform check made while the spell is running and is typically used by street magicians to fill a hat with coin from passers-by.
The spell requires concentration and as a result the caster is flat-footed during its use. Every 2 rounds the DC of the perform check increases by one, the spell endures until two perform checks have been failed.



Although the spell allows a talented performer to give a truly magnificent performance, it does not necessarily mean that the audience appreciates the performance. Warriors of Vosgaard in particular are more likely to throw an axe than toss a coin in appreciation.
The spell is common in Brechtür and Khinasi where mages are often accepted as performers, frowned on in Anuire where magic is generally seen as a more serious business and vanishingly rare in Rjurik or Vosgaard.

[top]Tips and Tactics

Tips, this spell works best when the caster has a few levels of perform as they can then give a truly outstanding performance rather than simply a mediocre one. Other aids include an assistant to pass a hat and a spiel to first attract a crowd.
In a small village the crowd will typically give a copper or two ? enough for a solid meal and perhaps a nights rest, in larger areas the pay may be silver, or even gold if performing to nobles, although that would require a truly outstanding performance.
This spell is here primarily as a template for others to follow. In game terms it is an example of 'hedge' magic - a practical little spell with no combat application. If the DM wants to PCs to see a mage making a display, this gives an example spell which describes how the magic is done without players feeling 'cheated' that the spell is unavailable to them.

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