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Quick at-a-glance summary of what the spell does.
The caster can create a phantasmal wardrobe for themselves or others. Source: Eberron (modified).


The caster can reshape clothes worn into fine fabrics, a simple outfit of woven cotton could become an ornate flowing gown, a fine doublet could become a fisherman's string vest, or more prosaically, an over-tight dress could be made to fit snugly. Although an illusion the spell covers touch and smell in addition to sight.
The spell can be cast whether or not the clothes are worn at the time - a famous example of the spell occurred when the ensemble worn by Duchess Gael Boeruine to the coronation of Duke Vaesil Diemed over a century ago, the spell failed - or was dispelled - at the height of the ceremony leaving the duchess wearing little more than grubby peasant rags to guard her modesty.
At the DM's discretion the spell could add 2 to the use of a diplomacy or similar skill - if the wizard chooses the right outfit...



Modified from the eberron spell clothier's closet.
The rough bulk of the clothes must be the same before and after the casting, similarly it must have 'holes and material' in roughly the same places.

[top]Tips and Tactics

The spell is typically used as a 'stop-gap', few nobles would risk a night over-long in the cups revealing their parsimony in avoiding paying for fine fabrics. The spell is common in Brechtur - few merchants would risk a significant deal by failing to be properly attired and the spell easily covers damage suffered in long sea voyages - or by the shifting vagaries of fashion. it sees some use amongst the face-obsessed Khinasi where failing to where the proper attire can be an insult to a host. Amongst the Anuireans, like the Khinasi, the spell is oft used and rarely spoken of.

[top]AD&D spell version

No change needed aside from a bonus to Etiquette of +2 if the DM is in the mood to grant a bonus.

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