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A link is formed between a scion and their intended heir. If the Regent dies their heir inherits their bloodline. Source: BoP page 88.


Few regents wish to leave the inheritance of their bloodline to chance, or risk that their bloodline is usurped in battle - or transferred to someone other than their chosen heir through the Land's Choice. This spell ensures that when the regent dies, or is divested, that the regent's bloodline and regency pass to their chosen heir.
The regent recipient of the spell must be willing, otherwise the spell automatically fails. If the recipient is unwilling they get a will save.
The spell is very hard to detect or dispel - +10 DC to any attempt to do either.



Along with the more powerful spell Blood bank, this is one of the spells used by a regent to protect themselves against usurpation, unlike bloodbank the blood inheritance has no effect if dispelled, but it is also less risky.

[top]Tips and Tactics

The spell is almost never used in Vosgaard, where it would indicate cowardice. Indeed the priests of Belinik in particular refuse to cast the spell - if the regent is too weak to protect themselves, then they do not deserve their bloodline...

[top]AD&D spell version

This is a spell of the Guardian sphere per BoP.

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