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Source of the Maesil

Not recommended.

GB Income:
12 GB (Guild)

60 GB
22 RP


The SotM guild is the front face of guilders Rhaedien and Bireon. It is ruled officially by their lieutenant Dietmar Heugens, but it's Rhaedien and Bireon
that call the shots.
Note: Treasury and regency listed here are to be considered relative to all three guilds controlled by Bireon; the treasure earned is specific to the SotM instead. Heugens does not gain any regency as Bireon is the ruler by divine right.

[top]Commerce and Production

[top]Centers of Trade


Ansen Rhaedien guild war with Guilder Kalien's Heartlands Outfitters. Over a dozen years ago, Ansen Rhaedien died mysteriously ending the guild war with Guilder Kalien. Aarturous Rhaedien succeeds.
Mheallie Bireon saw an opportunity to attempt to acquire his guild by a combination of threatening him and buying him out. Mheallie could then use Source of the Maesil as a front organization. However when she met Aarturous, she was smitten by him, and he by her. They fell in love, and she changed her plans from the hostile acquisition of a guild to the amorous acquisition of a husband with a guild.
Aarturous was no fool, and saw in Mheallie not only a lovely woman but the strong guilder who could protect his struggling guild. He had been a negotiator for the guild and something of a student of the law, and was unprepared to run a guild without replying heavily on his uncle's lieutenants. Aarturous, with his charm and grace began to take the role of Mheallie's diplomat. However it occurred to that their marriage afforded them the opportunity to create the fiction of retirement. They appointed lieutenants to run each of their guilds, the Stonecrown Coster and the Source of the Maesil, and appeared to let others run affairs. Instead they remained very much involved and even started a new cover organization, the Northlands Exchange, to do business in Dhoesone and Tuarhievel. They have one organization with three names, and maintain the idea that each is run separately. As James Ardannt once said, "deception is as natural to Mistress Mheallie as leaves are to an elm."


Heugens is the designated lieutenant place, and he is officially the leader of the guild. However, it has no real executive power, its main task is to hide under the carpet the illicit activities of its lords and to show its face and its loose speech to worldly events. To further complicate matters, even if Rhaedien has abdicated his regency in favor of his wife, he remains the most important figure when decisions are made, as he's the son of the previous regent.

[top]Important Figures

Aarturous Rhaedien, Guildmaster of Source of the Maesil

Mheallie Bireon, Guildmistress of Source of the Maesil

Dietmar Heugens, lieutenant of Mheallie Bireon and Aarturous Rhaedien, Dietmar is the front man for the Source of the Maesil and gives every appearance of being in charge.

[top]Plots and Rumours

Revolt is in the air: Rumor has it that the guild members have become fed up with being Bireon's puppets. The same Dietmar, after a public humiliation at a noble festival, seems interested in taking the guild out of the orbit of influence of Bireon and Rhaedien. Maybe it's time for a self-promotion...

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Source of the Maesil
Alaroine, Alamie (5/0)CA (4)CJS (3)MB (3)-
WIT (2)GH (2)
Deseirain, Alamie (3/2)CA (2)WIT (3)MB (3)Ca (2)
Hildon, Alamie (2/3)CA (1)CJS (2)MB (2)-
Nortmoor, Alamie (1/4)-CJS (1)MB (1)
Sorelies, Alamie (1/4)-WIT (1)MB (1)
Alamsreft, Tuornen (3/2)LF (1)MOC (3)MB (3)Ca (2)
DA (0)WIT (0)
Ghonallison, Tuornen (2/3)LF (0)MOC (2)MB (2)
AB (2)
Haesrien, Tuornen (5/0)LF (3)MOC(2)LF (2)
AB (2)WIT (2)EM (3)
MB (0)
Monsedge, Tuornen (3/2)LF (1)MOC (0)MB (3)
AB (0)WIT (2)Rh (2)
Abbreviations: MB=Mheallie Bireon (Source of the Maesil);AB=Aeric Boeruine (Boeruine); CA=Carilon Alam (Alamie); Ca=Caine; CJS=Celestial Jewel of Sarimie (Temias Coumain);DA=Darien Avan (Avanil); GH=Ghorien Hiriele (Highland/Overland Traders); GK=Guilder Kalien (Endier); LF=Laela Flaertes (Tuornen);MOC=Militant Order of Cuiraécen (Fhylie the Sword); PAI=Parnien Anuvier Iniere (Prince's Pride); Rh=Rhuobhe Manslayer (Rhuobhe) ;WIT=Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn (Rhobher Nichaleir).

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