Slavery - the ownership of one sentient sapient being by another - is rare in most parts of Cerilia. Typically slavery is found only among the Vos of the human tribes, it is however common amongst the goblin and orog kingdoms.
Slavery is abhorrent to Haelyn, and also opposed by Erik and Nesirie. Before the Anuirean Empire, slavery was not uncommon in the Basarji lands but since the empire the temples of Avani have strongly argued against slavery. In Brechtür only Kiergard practices slavery, in keeping with the Gorgon?s dominance.
Although a slave has no rights, their masters typically have various property rights over them and will value a slave for useful skills, beauty, or tradable value. As such it is rare for slaves to be casually destroyed unless infirm in some way.
It is said that slavery is still common in Aduria, and that in Djapar the Basarji commonly hold slaves of inferior stock.
Dwarf and elf realms also forbid slavery.
Adventurers who come from a background as a slave will probably find the criminal social class to be the best fit for their character.
See Also: Thrall and Serf as less complete forms of subservient ranks

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