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Darold Wohlkern is High Priest of Sera's Perfekt Symmetry. Darold is a reluctant regent and often neglects his duties to go adventuring; his interests in Danigau are represented by Prelate Konrad who does his best to keep the church together. Darold can generally be found in Wierech where his church is centered, but has struck against the goblins in Kantswach and Wiergau often enough to be considered an ally of the crown.

[top]Teaching and Doctrine

The ancient church of Sera's Perfekt Symmetry is found up and down the western reaches of Brechtür, it preaches a strong doctrine of self reliance, but also the value of a hard working community. A number of temples belong to the Church, including temples of Erik, Laerme, and Cuiraécen.
The aims of the temple are to retain control over the existing temples rather than try to expand its influence, or to convince the break away temples of Sera in the mountainous provinces to rejoin the church. Temple officials are instructed to inform Darold of any issues that might require his personal attention (i.e. adventure opportunities) and several temples sponsor explorers to explore caverns, ruins, etc to find situations which might interest their lord.
Officially the church also oversees the signing of contracts (and often publicly shames those who violate them), has the right to officiate marriage in Danigau, and is recognized as the official state religion. The Church often investigates crime itself rather than wait for the Count to do so, but never openly acts against criminals it finds ? instead the criminals are either revealed to the Count?s men or dealt with by ?concerned citizens?.
Sera?s Perfekt Symmetry has always been a fairly militaristic church and has only become more so under the current High Priest Darold Wohlkern. The church maintains 1 unit of crossbowmen in Caebstrech (commanded by General Johann of the Danigau military but theoretically at least answerable to the high priest), the church has long wanted to keep a unit of soldiers in Blackgate to protect and serve the cathedral but the Count refused to allow soldiers not absolutely under his control in Blackruft.
Sera?s Perfect Symmetry maintains one unit of crossbowmen, and two units of infantry in Dauren. These are nominally responsible to Coiler Caernson but in truth answer to the church alone. These guard Faestadt (the crossbowmen and the pike) and Bugbear's Watch (the marines).


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