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I had the most peculiar dream one night during my sojourn in the land of shadow. I had camped at the border of a large, lush forest, the first sign of life I'd seen in days of wandering through desolate terrain. Though I do not recall bedding down for the night, I must have fallen asleep. I imagined that I entered the forest and slowly picked my way through the brambles and branches. I heard birds above and the rustling of small animals nearby, but I saw no other creatures. After what seemed like hours of hiking, I reached the center of the forest.

There, in a clearing, were assembled a most extraordinary company. Enchanted creatures of every shape and description filled the glen. In a faint, glowing light that seemed to emanate from the figures themselves, they danced and feasted. Presiding over this strange convocation was a woman of exquisite beauty, who made merry right along with her subjects. Were these the faeries that had stolen my son? I searched the whole company for his darling face, a glimpse of his bright eyes or tiny hands. But to my dismay, I saw no sign of him.

So strong was this dream that all seemed quite real. But when I awoke, I found myself back in my makeshift camp at the edge of the woods, with nary a trace of my fanciful companions.
- Kaiana, 1377 HC

The Seelie Court is an organization of faeries in the Shadow World which changes the nature of the Shadow World, by manipulation of the Seeming, into a realm more like this otherworld before the coming of the Shadow, the Faerie Realm. Though the Seelie Court comprises hundreds of faeries, travelers generally encounter them individually, far away from the court. Cerilian encounters are almost always single, particularly in the case of Changelings. Nevertheless, the Seelie are joined together for many reasons into a single organization, a court under the protection of a Queen. Most seelie faeries are connected to the Seelie Court, a grand congregation of faerie folk. The Seelie Court resides deep in the Shadow World's most enchanted forest. As no one who intentionally goes looking for the court ever finds it, many believe it to be a traveling court that brings its own enchantment into the various forests it enters.

Occasionally, a traveler stumbles upon the Seelie Court accidentally. When this occurs, the faeries torment, test, or aid the traveler as their fancy strikes them. When the faeries are through, they lead the traveler out of the forest and cast a seelie spell of forgetting on the character. The traveler falls into a deep sleep; when the character awakens, she at best remembers the faerie encounter only as a dream and cannot find the way back to the court.

[top]The Faerie Queen

The Faerie Queen reigns over the Seelie Court. Known in various legends as Titania, Maeve, or Mab, she is a fey creature of unearthly beauty. Of lawful neutral alignment, she is devoted to her 'children' but is fair to travelers she encounters - so long as they have not mistreated the faerie folk.

The Faerie Queen is a creature of such ethereal beauty that any non-faerie who beholds her must immediately succeed at a Will save to prevent being charmed. In all the Shadow World, the Faerie Queen has the greatest power over the Seeming - after all, she was alive before it existed, and has had an eternity to hone her command of it. As the last surviving Sie, she also commands both wizardly and priestly magic. The queen considers herself the ultimate protector of the faeries, and defends them from outsiders as a mother does her children.

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