A scion is someone that possesses a measure of power from the old gods. They are known as 'the blooded' and are noted for enhanced leadership ability and minor magical powers. These powers tend to run in families and many scions can trace their bloodline all the way back to Deismaar.

Some scions not merely possess the power of the gods, but are shaped by it. These scions are called the awnsheghlien (if of the blood of Azrai) or ehrsheghlien (if they have the blood of other gods).

Scions are most common in Cerilia and Aduria, but are found elsewhere in Aebrynis as well - people whose natures matched those of the ancient gods around the globe awoke after the great storms that swept Aebrynis after the explosion of Mount Deismaar as scions, although these bloodlines tended to be weak. Further in the centuries since Deismaar explorers have taken scions to the corners of the globe and given the great leadership ability of scions many of these explorers found fame and glory in far off lands and begat numerous children who now strive with each other for dominance.

Perhaps the greatest difference between a scion and an unblooded person is the ability of a scion to be a far more effective regent than someone unblooded due to the scion's ability to gather and spend regency points.
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