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Scalebiter is a legacy weapon forged by the dwarves in the age of the Empire. The dwarves later crafted what is now known as the Sword of Roele, and Scalebiter was gifted to the line of Avan. The scions of Avan still bear Scalebiter and know its powers and legacy rituals, though these are generally secret, especially the legacy rituals.


  • Scalebiter is a +1 markasorr weapon (as adamantine) for anyone who wields it. Scalebiter is a golden longsword with a plain hilt adorned by a single large ruby in the red leather pommel. The blade appears to be in pefect condition.
  • Omen: When unsheathed, the weapon glows with a golden light the strength of a torch. In combat, this light changes to a deep red with no change in the strength of illumination.

At a 9th level character, Darien Avan pays the following penalties for owning Scalebiter:
  • -1 Attack penalty, -1 save penalty, -6 vitality

As a 9th level character, Scalebiter grants Darien the following abilities:

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