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The province of Rzhlevskyy comprises almost all the south-western part of the realm of Rzhlev, including the Southern Woods, the Eastern Bay, and the Rhzlev Range in the north. The capital city of Rzhlev is the most important center of the province and a connection between the mountain and the woods.

The province has an ancient history: it was here that the first Anuirean fort was built during the Anuirean Empire, as the imperials were not favourable with the idea of living in the ancient dwarven halls of the capital. A small village was built here until Richard Roslöw decided to set his home there, and then Roslöwburg was founded and, in time, became the most important center of the realm.

When Rodel became Tsar, the Rodel family's charge, which is now the charge of the realm, became the banner of the city and the province.


Yuria (/ɨur'ia/), a small fisherman village under the Rzhlev range, is renown for the salmon found in the nearby Guresh River, up to the lake with same name, about 1 km from the sea level. The area has a lot of caves of seemingly natural origin, in which the bears hibernate in the winter. Some say something worse is sleeping there and that some of these caves are not natural at all. The locals avoid the area around the lake.

Yuria is the first place escaped slaves go when they run away from their city masters. Sometimes they are lucky enough to find a good willed fisherman willing to help them, for a price of course. More often they are sold back to the guards by the betraying townsfolk (for double the price they ask for hiding, in their defense), or they get lost in the caves near the lake, trying to hide themselves in the range.

[top]The woods south of the city

The western part of the Southern Woods has a more forgiving climate thanks to the access to the eastern basin of the bay. The woods are inhabited by orchards and small woodmen collectives who answer to Herr Neva Vlastydovisk, who lives in a manor (Vastybörg) in the woods themselves. The southern border of the province is entirely seized by the Berhagen River. The northern side of the river is surrounded by plains with the occasional farms, however most of the lands serves as a meeting point for the hordes to invade the Fürveldt Trepkin and the Berhagen's Baron's holdings. No official bridge or ferry exists in this river as Berhagen doesn't like the idea of Rzhlevenians having their way so easy and the Rzhlevenians doesn't want any way for the mountain brigands to invade the realm.

[top]The capital city of Rzhlev

The capital city of Rzhlev (sometimes called Zhlevgard) is equally distant from the sea and the river. Built upon an ancient Anuirean settlement, the city is built in circles called *rounds*, expanding with time as it grows bigger. Ironically, the center of the city is more inhabited by Vos and its architectural style is Brecht, whereas the newest rounds are more in Vos style and are inhabited mostly by the lower class Brecht. The center of the capital is Tsarina Marisha. There are two gladiatorial arenas in the city used as pits of Belinik for religious matters or public executions.

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The port of Rzhlev is actually quite far from the city. The docks were mostly unused until the Grovnikken Stohlevvsky found a better use for them than just storing drakkars. Grovnikk Glössevik persuaded tsarina Marisha to open a shipyard here, and the port is now under complete control of the guild. Grovinkk has built huge warehouses to store merchandise stolen by the raiders and to be sold again in the bay, however the guild also store ores from the mountains and sometimes a warehouse may be rented to the seldom merchant coming for business in Rhzlev. The Granite road coming from the northern mountains actually ends here and not in the city - an ancient stone Anuirean road connects the docks themselves to the city.

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