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Ruornil's Celestial Spell


Sacred Voice of Ruornil, Suris Enlien

Status: Recommended.

The Church of the Celestial Spell follows the Szarite School or Doctrine of Ruornilism. To other worshipers of Ruornil (such as the Tor of Lirorn, or the Lirovkans), this school is known as the Medoere School or Doctrine of Ruornil.


The Sacred Voice of Ruornil, Suris Enlien is twenty-four, having established her realm by an act of sheer courage. Suris Enlien has hair as dark as night, gray eyes, and skin the pale color of moonlight. Willowy thin and only of average height, Suris has a strong presence that draws people to her. It's as if Ruornil has touched her with his hand.


The Ruornil's Celestial Spell is the state church of Medoere in the south coast of Anuire. The Imperial Temple was formed just after the ascension of Haelyn, and worship of him centered on Aerele near Deismaar. Nearby, at Alamier, Diesmaar was also the occasion of another great site of worship.

Just before the battle, Vorynn's contingent assembled at Alamier. It consisted of a his few Anuirean worshipers and the handful of Vos tribes that remained faithful to their own ways. Vorynn appeared to the Weaver, the greatest of his mages and leader of his forces, a loyal and stalwart champion called Ruornil. Vorynn bestowed a gift upon Ruornil before the gods sought to destroy Azrai: a silver pendant shaped as an owl. As a result of this epiphany Alamier became sacred to Ruornil just as Aerele became sacred to Haelyn. After the battle these heroes ascended to assume the responsibilities of there former patrons as gods themselves.

Haelyn's brother, Roele united Anuire and formed an Empire. An Imperial Temple followed the banners of the Empire, and the temple of Ruornil at Alamier participated just as Ruornil fought with Haelyn at Deismaar. Exactly thirteen hundred years after Deismaar, the Imperial Temple sundered as its inquest arrested Fitzalan the Blessed of Talinie. The Imperial Temple saw the loss of a Northern Imperial Temple, and of Haelyn's Aegis. It split again as an Orthodox Imperial Temple in Aerele quarreled with an Impregnable Heart in Ilien. A new reformer appeared in Onwen Nichaleir, and soon a Western Imperial Temple also departed.

With each assault on its doctrine, each criticism of its interpretation and rituals, the leaders of Aerele grew more intolerant and more rigid. Ruornil's followers had great difficulty in this climate of reaction and strict orthodoxy. Haelyn preached a doctrine of two swords, one wielded by the nobles according his principles of honor, and one by his priests. The Duchy of Diemed was the secular sword allied to the Orthodox Imperial Temple. As enemies of the Orthodox Temple rose up in western Diemed, so did noble champions, and in 477 MR, Daen Roesone won the independence of the Barony of Roesone. The reactionary priests of the Orthodox Temple became intolerable and the followers of Ruornil sought to end their relationship with Aerele as so many temples of Haelyn had done.

In 477, a priest of Ruornil named, Brun Szareh was serving at the temple of Ruornil in Caercas when the Duke of Diemed laid siege to the city in an attempt to finally quell the Roesone rebellion. The priests of the Impregnable Heart were open to him and welcomed his aid. They seemed tolerant and accepting of Silver Prince. When Daen Roesone lifted the siege and pursued the army of Diemed, the war was ended. Three years later Brun was serving in Alamier at the Temple of the Celestial Spell itself. The priests of Haelyn here, those of the Orthodox Imperial Temple did not act like allies, though the temple of Ruornil still acknowledged the leadership of Aerele. They were hostile and intolerant. When they found out that Brun had been at Caercas during the final siege they accused him of treachery against the orthodox temple.

By 480 MR, Brun was arrested and sent to a prison in Bliene. Subject to the Inquisition of Righteousness and Justice, Brun began a hunger strike in his mountain prison. One night he prayed for guidance to resolve the suspicion and ill treatment that followers of Ruornil suffered from their former friends. He later preached that Ruornil told him that night that the time for union between the Celestial Spell and Avelerine Cathedral was at an end, and directed Brun to rally the people of Ruornil to action. He also claims that Ruornil transported him in a beam of moonlight to the Shrine of the Heart. Here, where the old alliance of Ruornil and Haelyn still lived, the Silver Prince told Brun to rally people from the Spiderfell to the Straits of Aerele from the Shrine of the Heart east to Roesone. Over the next six years, Brun preached the words Ruornil had given him. Then he disappeared into the Spiderfell on an unknown quest, never to return.

Soon after, Mourten Enlien became Count of Braeme, and all was well. He was a just and merciful lord as Haelyn requires. The people respected him, and it looked for a time as if reconciliation between the followers of Ruornil and the Barony of Diemed was flowering. The people of Braeme were loyal. The Celestial Spell was quiet. The Count accepted the followers of Ruornil as loyal subjects. Indeed his youngest son, Egris Enlien was sent to be educated at the Temple of the Ninth Spell as a demonstration of his acceptance and openness. Mourten was rewarded for his wise policies. He was made Keeper of the Seal and his eldest son, Dalien Enlien was made a squire in the Baronial household in Aerele.

In Aerele, Dalien not only learned devotion to the Baron and developed a deep gratitude toward his liege, but also drank in the reactionary perspective of the Orthodox Imperial Temple. A close friend of Heirl Diem, the heir of Diemed, Dalien was favored with a marriage to Jadrien Bliene, the daughter of the Count of Bliene, and a priestess of Haelyn in the Orthodox Imperial Temple.

In 520 MR, Dalien succeeded as Count of Braeme. At first little changed, but in 525, his friend Heirl was made Baron of Diemed. Unlike his father, Heirl had no ambitions to glory in foreign wars. However the loyalty of his realm and the obedience of his people were a principle concern. Heirl sought perfect order in his barony and was fond of quoting the teachings of the Orthodox Temple on rebellion. A loyalty oath was instituted to insure obedience to the Baron. The followers of the Celestial Spell were suspicious of the new oath and mistaking the new Baron's obsession for persecution objected to the oath. Count Dalien's younger brother Egris tried to dissuade him from compelling the oath but to no avail.

In 536, friendly correspondence between the Ceslestial Spell and Baron of Roesone fell into the hands of Heirl Diem. Though it was only concerned with the holding at Proudglaive, the Baron of Diemed worried that his Ruornilite subjects were plotting insurrection with his enemies in Roesone. Heirl demanded that Dalien break the rebellion before it had an opportunity to take root. Suspects were handed over to inquest, taxes of Ruornil's followers were raised, temples of the Celestial Spell were closed and its priests were interrogated. Some temples were occupied by Diemed's troops and its priests either imprisoned or maintained under house arrest.

By 538 MR, Persecution was heaped on persecution and the people began to pray for deliverance from this occupation by their own lord. Some remembered the preaching of Brun Szareh and his sermons were circulated and preached. Dalien Enlien suppressed this movement, going so far as to outlaw the assembly of any congregation of Ruornil in 540. Not surprisingly, the followers of the god of secrets met in secret. Neither the Inquisitress of Braeme, Jadrien Bliene, nor her husband the Count, were able to bring the followers of Ruornil to obedience. Even Dalien's daughter, Suris Enlien, disobeyed her father's edicts. She embraced Ruornil and took instruction from her uncle, Egris Enlien.

In 543, Suris is said to have received an epiphany from Ruornil. She went on to murder her father, claim the county herself, and began to raise an army. To people seemed to rally to her and the Baron of Diemed had no alternative than to bring his own army to crush Suris and her mob. At Tieren Pass, three thousand armed commoners and a smattering of soldiers waited to face two thousand of Diemed's best troops. What happened next is unclear. Some say that Suris had successfully been invested with the Celestial Spell, and cast a realm spell. Others suspect that one of the wizards of the area, Rogr Aglondier or Hermedhie joined Suris and cast some terrible spell. A few even claim that Ruornil himself violated the pact of the gods and intervened directly in their affairs of men. All that the witnesses can say is that a great beam of light from the sky struck Diemed's troops and they fell helpless. Victory was had before the first arrows could be shot or the first swords clash. On that fateful night, the Celestial Spell of Ruornil was declared an independent temple and Medoere was declared an independent country. Suris Enlien would rule both of them as Archpriestess of the Celestial Spell.

Like her mother, Jadrien Bliene, Suris is devout and zealous. Something of her upbringing seems to reflect the Orthodox Imperial Temple, for Suris is concerned that her rule is not absolute and so she enforces her edicts a little more harshly than many of her advisers recommend. The control of the law in Caerwil by Guilder Kalien especially galls her as he is the true master of that province, not she. Some fear that she may repeat the mistakes of her father and use repression where the more tolerant hand of her grandfather is called for. Councilors find it difficult to persuade the Sacred Voice of Ruornil.

[top]Major Centers of Worship

Unusual for a temple of Ruornil, key centers of worship are not far from civilization in the wild places, but in major cities. The Celestial Spell is unlike other temples of Ruornil, and it is thought that the proximity to Deismaar holds the key to understanding this unusual circumstance.


In Alamier is the Temple of the Celestial Spell, one of the most beautiful sights of all Medoere. The temple rises 40 feet into the sky covering an impressive area on the ground. Made by pure and white marble it has tall and narrow windowss. A silver crescent moon is placed over the huge main doors.

Nine antechambers surround the main hall, each one dedicated to a single level of spells.

Many wizards and magicians come there as pilgrims to show their respect to Ruornil and hoping to learn some new aspect of magic of some new spells.


In Braeme is the Temple of Ninth Spell, a small version of the temple in Alamier. It's built into the hills above Lake Adele. Three times a week is performed the mass of the High Moon, a show for itself that shouldn't be missed.

The Abbey of the Silver Woods, located in the southeastern corner of the province in the Silver Woods. This tiny abbery is an holy refuge for the Sacred Voice of Ruornil. Suris Enlien, whe she needs rest from the secular life, cames her in search of solace and peace. Many say she also use this place to commune with Ruornil.


In Caerwil ...


In Caercas ...

[top]Order of the Silver Crescent

A small but growing military order in Medoere, also called the Crescent Knights, has grown up in the wake of the battle of Moonstrike Keep, but has yet to test its prowess.

The Order of the Silver Crescent is based in Moonstrike Keep. Moonstrike Keep is garrisoned by 150 Crescent Knights to protect Caerwil from invasion. Dargon Keep, Tallow, and Surier is also garrisoned by the Crescent Knights.

[top]Prestige Classes

The following Prestige Classes are available for the Knights of the Silver Crescent:

Sword and Fist: Cavalier, Knight Protector of Medoere

Defenders of the Faith: Holy Liberator, Hospitaler, Templar

Complete Warrior:

Complete Divine:

[top]Pathfinder Domains and Subdomains

Darkness, (Moon, Night), Knowledge (Memory, Thought), Magic (Arcane, Divine), and Rune (Wards)

[top]Important NPCs

Sacred Voice of Ruornil, Suris Enlien
Altaweir Enlien, Patriarch of the Ninth Spell
Konour, Patriarch of the Seventh Spell
Silver Crescent

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Ruornil's Celestial Spell
Alamier, Medoere (4/1)SE (3)SE (4)EH (2)RA(1)
HA (0)OT (2)
Braeme, Medoere (3/2)SE (1)SE (3)OT (3)He (2)
Caerwil, Medoere (2/3)GK (2)SE (2)GK (2)He (3)
Caercas, Roesone (4/1)MR (2)HA(3)EH (2)RA (1)
SE (1)SG (2)
OT (0)
Abbreviations: SE = Suris Enlien (Ruornil's Celestial Spell) (Medoere); HA = Hubaere Armiendin (Impregnable Heart of Haelyn); MR = Marlae Roesone (Roesone); OT = Orthien Tane (Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports); GK = Guilder Kalien (Endier, Heartlands Outfitters); EH = el-Hadid (Port of Call Exchange); SG = Siele Ghoried (Spider River Traders);He = Hermedhie; RA = Rogr Aglondier (Ilien).

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